5 Fantastic Visual Studio Shortcuts You Need to Know

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If you’re new to VS code and want to know the most useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use in this fantastic code editor, you’ve come to the right place.

Visual studio shortcuts make using code even easier and allow you to focus on creating good quality projects in less time. That’s why this article is here to help you with some of the more useful shortcuts for faster coding.     

Here is a guide to visual studio and shortcuts. 

1. Visual Studio Specific Shortcuts      

These keyboard shortcuts are context-sensitive. This means you can use them with menus items in the visual studio.  They are specific to the project type, programming language, or platform.

Using these shortcuts for Windows and Mac will help you navigate your code easily. Although it doesn’t involve understanding the code and definitions.

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This shortcut can help you focus entirely on the code. When you select a specific piece of code, you can easily move and expand the selection with this keyboard shortcut.     

2. Moving Blocks of Code 

If you want to move a block of code, just highlight that code before clicking the shortcut above. To move a block of text or code in the same way, first, select it and then use a shortcut.

If you want to highlight a piece of code near the cursor, you can use the shift + left arrow and shift + right arrow to move the cursor one character left or right, and highlight the character you’re jumping to at the same time.     

3. Replacing Keyboard Shortcuts on Visual Studio 

The visual studio find and replace keyboard shortcuts are useful for finding various code and comments in the code editor. If a person working with HTML wants to format lines of code but doesn’t know the command, the command palette will come in handy for finding commands.     

If you use the search feature to find specific pieces of text so that you can change a subset of those results, you can use this shortcut to find search results in the active file.

With this shortcut, you can quickly select all occurrences of a search operation.     

You can open it with two shortcuts, one of which actually opens an input field to search for text, and the other one to replace text.

4. Important Code Shortcuts   

This is a very important code shortcut. Because even if you forgot or don’t want to remember any shortcuts other than this, you can still perform various operations.

We can use the command palette, such as creating a new file, opening settings, changing the theme, and viewing keyboard shortcuts as well.     

5. Selecting All Code in a File  

You can select all code in a file by pressing ctrl + a. This will help you establish the file, which will run in the background while you continue to open new files. This is one of the best beginner visual studio tips.

Sometimes when writing code, you want to use the full width of the editor. Press the alt key to quickly scroll through the editor and explorer. Toggle is available for block comments, as ctrl + / is the keyboard shortcut to toggle between line and block comments.      

Visual Studio Shortcuts Are Great 

Visual studio shortcuts are great in helping you get what you want out of a coding program. Instead of wasting time using your mouse, you can get on with your work faster.

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the best beginner visual studio tips and can improve everything. 

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