5 Business Communication Tools You Can’t Go Without

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communication tools for businessHello? Can you hear me now? Good.

No, this isn’t an old cell phone commercial. It’s an example of how far business communication has come in the last few years. Gone are the days of running to the nearest phone when you need to connect with an associate.

In today’s businesses, it’s all about communication tools. Businesses are turning to apps to improve communication with staff and customers. These tools allow your team to chat, private message, schedule appointments, and work on the road.

Here’s our list of the 5 top communication tools for business.

1. GoToMeeting

If your business does a fair amount of conference calls, this is the way to do it. GoToMeeting is a basic web conference solution with an easy interface.

It offers screen sharing from your computer, iPhone, or Android device. This is perfect for a hands-on collaboration with customers and other team members.

This service also gives you the option to do video conferencing. So your team can connect through high-quality video no matter how far away they are.

2. Slack

Slack works as your go-to business hub. A place where all your team members can meet, chat, and plan.

The hub is organized into channels, split out by team or project. This allows you to divide your team into separate chats depending on their jobs. People can be part of several different chats within your company Slack site.

Slack has the ability to integrate with over 1,500 apps to improve workflow. It also allows users to upload files and share them. This way your employees can keep their work in one place and get valuable feedback from their peers.

3. Zoom

If you’re looking for an all-in-one enterprise solution, Zoom has what you need. And at a great price. It offers a free, basic plan and you upgrade based on your needs.

Their primary offering is an awesome video conferencing platform. It offers screen sharing between meetings. It also offers one-on-one conferencing and large group meetings.

Zoom even has some industry-specific features for the education industry, telehealth, and developers. And it’s available on almost all devices.

4. Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is an upgrade made to the GSuite business solutions software. It’s a fairly simple conferencing and communicating tool.

With Google Meet, you make calls right from your computer for free in the US and Canada. This is a technology called voice over internet protocol (VoIP). It allows you to make calls through the internet versus a phone line.

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Google Meet is a simple product to use and gives great results for a video conferencing service. Plus, there’s a mobile version available for iPhone and Android. And it gives you the option to record or live stream your meeting.

5. Cisco WebEx

For businesses that rely heavily on meetings, WebEx is a great, full-service tool. It integrates with Outlook and mobile platforms. It’s one of the most used presentation tools on the market.

Setup is easy and connections are safe and trustworthy. With the Cisco brand behind it, you’ll have access to excellent customer service. This makes troubleshooting much easier.

It also offers file sharing options. And lots of meeting templates including sales demos, online training, large staff meetings.

Communication Tools for Business Success

In today’s business environment, communication is the key to success. That’s why these communication tools for business are important if you want to improve your bottom line.

These platforms have options for file sharing, video conferencing, and employee dialog. They’re reasonably-priced. And most offer a limited free product and opportunities to upgrade.

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