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5 Android Hacks You Need to Try in 2020

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By 2015, over 1 billion Android phones had been sold to users all over the world. One of the main appeals of this operating system is that you can customize it for your particular user experience.

Android hacks are an exciting, growing trend that you can find all over the internet. However you want to customize your phone, there is a hack out there for you.

So, do you want the best possible phone set-up for you? Keep reading for the best Android hacks you can easily add to your phone.

Root Your Phone

Before you can do any hacks, you need to get root access to your phone’s operating system. This will allow you the power to customize your phone by installing apps that normally wouldn’t be compatible with the system.

You can use a service such as One Click Root, or follow step-by-step instructions to perform the procedure yourself. 

5 Exciting Android Hacks

Once you get the proper access, you’re ready to start customizing your phone. Which of these exciting tips will you try first? 

1. Android Auto Video Player

The Android Auto app doesn’t allow your device to play videos. However, with the android auto video player hack, you can update your device to allow video play within this function. 

This is a great hack for those who wish to play videos for their car passengers or watch a video while the car is stopped, something that previously would not have been permitted within the app.

2. Multi-touch Web Browsing

Multi-touch browsing has so far been a popular feature of the i-phone. It allows you to use touch commands with your fingers to control your browsing experience. For example, you can double-tap the screen to zoom in, or pinch with two fingers.

This can be a valuable feature for ease of use and ergonomic scrolling. So, we found a hack that lets you enable multi-touch web browsing on your Android phone.

3. Wi-fi Tethering

By installing this wi-fi tethering app on your rooted phone, you can then connect to wi-fi and get access to the internet through your mobile network connection. 

This is very effective for situations where you have your laptop, for example, but no access to wi-fi. You can tether your phone to another device to provide it with internet access.

4. Install Custom Themes

A theme will allow you to create a custom look and feel for your Android device. This includes the color scheme of the entire experience using your phone. For example, you can install a dark theme that will make the experience of “dark mode” that is available in some apps go system-wide. 

5. Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Haven is an Android app that literally turns your phone into a security device. It uses the sensors that the phone already possesses to keep an eye on your physical space. It uses sound, movement, and light detection to keep watch for anything unexpected near your phone. 

This is a great tool if you feel the need to protect your belongings but don’t have access to a real security system. Simply set up your phone in the room you wish to protect, and you will know if there are any unexpected visitors. 

Keep On Hacking

Once you begin customizing your phone’s user experience, you’ll quickly become obsessed. There is so much you can do to make your device unique to your specific needs.

And, if you found these Android hacks helpful, keep browsing. We have tons more tech news and tips!