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4 Tips for Creating a Great Event Booth for Tech Conventions

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You only get one chance to make an impact at a tech trade show.

For all the planning and prepping that goes into readying your tech product for the show, you want to ensure you’re also planning your event booth for maximum traffic and ROI.

We put together a list of four helpful ways to drive traffic to your trade show event booth.

1 – Make Your Event Booth Stand Out

This is the cardinal rule of tradeshow booth design.

Your booth needs to be bright, attractive, and unique in order to draw in passers-by. Consider bright backdrops, unique LED lighting displays, and other ways to draw attention.

We love stretch fabric columns, like the ones available here: eventdisplay.com.au. Use two to frame the entrance to your show booth.

Another great idea is to turn your booth into a hangout by enticing attendees to stay a while. Devote a portion of your booth to cozy seating and offer a device charging station, coffee, cookies, and water.

2 – Offer a Freebie

Everyone loves a freebie, so capitalize on it!

The best tradeshow freebies do two things. One, they are branded, and two, they are useful.

A few great options would be a reusable tote bag, water bottle, t-shirt, or magnetic notepad. These are all items that are easily branded and will also get used well beyond the end of the tradeshow, maximizing your exposure.

3 – Leverage the Power of Social Media

You’re a tech company, so we know you’re on social media. Use your social media presence to increase the impact of your trade show booth.

Prior to the start of the show, begin advertising on social media. Perhaps you want to plan a contest for social media fans that visit your booth. Create a snappy hashtag and encourage booth visitors to share photos from the show using your hashtag and then give away a prize a couple weeks after the show.

Don’t underestimate the free advertising that social media can provide you before, during, and after a show!

4 – Make Your Booth an Experience

Attendees won’t forget your booth if you strive to make it an interactive, hands-on experience. How you make this happen will vary depending on your product or brand, but here are a few ideas.

Create a photo-op in your booth. A branded photo-op with relevant hashtags encourages sharing on social media.

Have a hands-on display of your product, if possible, or an interactive demonstration that allows participation of your booth visitors.

When planning how to make your booth an experience, remember, the key is to get attendees who visit to remember your brand once the show is packed up. The more fun they had in your booth, the more likely this is to happen.

Have More Great Even Show Booth Ideas?

We hope that this list was helpful as you plan your event booth for your next tech trade show. Remember, your show will only be as successful as you make it, so plan early and well to maximize your investment!

Do you have other tips or tricks for trade show success? Leave them as a comment below.

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