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3 Tips to Get a Lower Cable Bill in 2021

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The average cable bill costs more than all other utilities combined. On average, Americans spend about $217 each month on cable.

You shouldn’t pay more to watch TV than you do to heat your home. Do you want a lower cable bill?

Read on for three specific things you can do to lower your cable costs.

1. Take a Look at Your Cable Bill

When was the last time you really looked at your cable bill? About 69% of cable subscribers have unexpected or unknown fees on their bills, adding up to at least $450 a year.

You should take a look at your cable bill to see what fees you’re paying. You may be able to negotiate a better plan to lower your cable bill. You’ll need to research other providers in your area before you make the call.

If that doesn’t work, you can threaten to switch companies or downgrade your services. For example, you can get a smaller cable package or get rid of those DVRs.

2. Install an Outdoor Antenna

Before cable companies took over the TV landscape, you could only watch TV through an outdoor antenna. Antenna technology has kept up with the times, even allowing you to get digital signals.

What channels can you get with an outdoor antenna? You can get local networks, such as your local ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates. You can also get PBS.

You might get as many as 75 stations with an antenna. The depends on your location and the orientation of the antenna. Find out more about installing an antenna at your home.

3. Use Streaming Services

Cord-cutters are flocking to streaming services to save money on cable.

The problem with streaming today is that you’re going to have to subscribe to multiple services just to get the same stations you get with cable.

The problem is mostly due to licensing fees. A carrier like a cable company or streaming service has to license the right to broadcast those channels. ESPN generates billions in licensing fees. Combine that with other popular channels, and it’s hard to balance giving you what you want at a low price.

The best way to keep your costs low is to subscribe to the services you watch the most. You’ll find that you probably watch the same 2-3 channels most of the time.

Get a Lower Cable Bill Today

If you’re tired of spending so much on cable, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. There are some creative ways you can lower the cable bill and get the channels that you need.

Here’s how you can get a lower cable bill. Look at your bill and try to negotiate with your cable company. If that doesn’t work, then get an outdoor antenna and subscribe to a couple of streaming services.

You’ll save money and have all of the entertainment you need. Speaking of entertainment, take a look at the Gaming section of this site for other entertaining articles.