Common Mac Issues

3 Common Mac Issues and Their Repair Costs

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Mac devices are top of the line pieces of equipment. However, like all technology they do break down on occasion. Accidents also happen and can lead to the destruction of your sleek modernized device.

If your Mac has suffered from a calamity or broken down to obsolescence, it may be time to get it repaired. The following list details the average Mac repair cost for 3 common issues.

1. Battery Replacements

One of the most common issues that plague Macs and in particular Macbooks is a faulty battery. Over time, after being charged and recharged repeatedly, it is only normal that your computer’s battery will need a replacement.

Mac’s official Apple Support charges between $129 to $199 for battery service. This is for computers that are out of warranty. Most specialty shops and computer repair stores will charge a fraction of this cost.

Battery problems are one of the most common issues for iPhones. Mac Support charges between $49 and $69 for an out of warranty battery replacement depending on your model of iPhone. Most third party stores can do it for much cheaper.

2. Mac Repair Cost of Screen Repairs Are Expensive 

Screen damage is a common issue for both iPhones, tablets, and computers. Screen repair costs are so expensive for Macbooks that the official Apple Support doesn’t even list the repair cost for computers not covered by Apple Care.

For computers with Apple Care, screen replacements cost anywhere between $99 and $299 if done through Apple Support depending on your computer’s make and model. 
These can be much less expensive if done through a third party shop, but can still cost a pretty penny.

If your screen is damaged and your computer is outside of warranty, your best bet is to take it to a computer repair store and get an estimate.

Phone screens are also expensive. Apple Support charges between $129 and $329 for an iPhone screen repair that is out of warranty. Once again, taking your iPhone to a computer repair shop can be a much cheaper option.

3. Water Damage

Water damage is a very common issue for Macs and is one of the biggest Mac killers. If your device suffers from water damage, it probably means game over. Water damage repairs are so expensive that Apple Care doesn’t even cover them.

They are also not covered by any extended warranty that Mac offers for its products. If your device has fallen victim to water damage, it may be better to throw it out. 

You may be able to get the computer repaired by a third party shop for around $1000 if you are lucky. At this point, unless it is an essential device, you are better off looking for a data-mining service that can recover your hard drive. 

Get Your Device Repaired Right

Hopefully, your device will remain accident-free and in good working order for many years to come. If not, chances are it has fallen victim to one of these 3 common Mac issues.

The Mac repair costs of these issues can vary, but all of them are very expensive. Just remember to keep that glass of water away from your computer and you will be fine!

If your devices do fail, find a good computer repair shop right away to save time and money. For all of your other technology news make sure to check out our blog!