3 Advanced Cloud Security Tools in Our Cloud Services Arsenal

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Cloud security has been the talk of the town in recent years. This is largely to do with a number of high profile cloud security breaches. These cybercrimes are so worrisome due to the fact that we’re so dependent on technology in our daily lives. 

Cloud-based technologies come with their own challenges. A lot of your code, tools, and resources could be remote, for one thing. It leaves a lot of room for loopholes that can be exploited by cybercriminals. 

That’s where cloud security tools come in. Cloud security applications are designed specifically to address some of these problems that come with using decentralized technology. 

Here are some of the best cloud security tools we’ve found, to date. 

The Best Cloud Security Tools

Check Point CloudGuard Dome9

We begin our list of cloud security tools with Check Point CloudGuard Dome9. Sometimes technological tools and concepts can be difficult to visualize, as they’re so abstract. CloudGuard Dome 9 allows your organization to visualize your cloud security so you can make more informed decisions around data and identity protection. 

Check Point CloudGuard Dome 9 is also specially designed for the public cloud. This means you can assess your Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, and Google Cloud Platform services. 

Forcepoint Converged Security Platform

Migrating your data can leave it vulnerable to attack. Forcepoint Converged Security Platform lets your security team monitor, enforce, and define rules around your security paradigm from anywhere. 

Forcepoint Converged Security Platform is also cloud-based, meaning that your data migrations are made safe and secure. It also allows you to configure security rules for particular users, making it endlessly customizable for maximum usability. 

Fortinet FortiCloud Services

For every security application you add into your stack, you are adding potential new vulnerabilities. Having a solution that brings all of your cloud security tools under one banner is beyond useful for this reason. It also makes using your security suite much more efficient and easy-to-use. 

Fortinet FortiCloud Services works with a variety of other security providers to become a suite of cloud security tools. This also makes Fortinet FortiCloud Services endlessly expandable and scalable as your organization continues to grow and evolve. 

FortiCloud Services is also available on nearly every platform you can think of. It’s available as a standalone app, of course. it can also be run on virtual machines and even in the cloud itself. This means you’ll have access to world-class cybersecurity wherever you may be. 

There are constantly new security tools and resources being released as technology continues to grow, evolve, and change. You can read about some of the other exciting new evolution of cybersecurity and cloud security tools right now, if you are curious! 

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