22 Dining Etiquette Rules to Impress Your Friends

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We collected some simple dining etiquette rules to follow while on dates or when meeting with friends. If you follow these rules, you’ll feel confident and look great at any event and the people you are with will think of you as a nice, polite person.
If there is no seating plan, guests should wait standing until the host of the event shows them their seats. Men help ladies sit down and move the chairs out for them. Those who are late are not to keep everyone waiting for more than 20 minutes.
A fork should be held with the prongs pointing down so that you can pick up the pieces of food with them (instead of using it like a spoon except for in cases when the food if soft like mashed potatoes). Your pointer finger should be placed along the handles of the fork and knife, and the other fingers should be around the handles.
According to etiquette, the lady participates in choosing the food and gets to choose it first. When a waiter brings a bottle of wine, the man shouldn’t open it and pour the wine himself — this is the waiter’s job.
The tradition of tipping is very different depending on the culture. For example, while tipping in the U.S. is necessary, some Asian countries take offense to it. The average amount to tip in Europe and in the U.S. is 10%—15% of the bill.


Etiquette rules at official receptions and banquets 1:02
Wait for the host to show you your seats 1:08
Ladies sit at the table first 1:31
It’s impolite to keep everyone waiting for longer than 20 minutes 1:41
If you can’t eat or drink something don’t tell everyone, just avoid eating or drinking it 1:53
Toothpicks should be in the bathroom and not on the table 2:06
How to use cutlery 2:19
Don’t go under the table looking for a spoon or fork. 2:22
The cutlery you started using should not touch the table. 2:33
Don’t cut your entire meal into small pieces. 2:42
How to hold cutlery correctly 2:55
2 ways of using cutlery 3:25
Only pass a fork or a knife with the handle pointing forward 3:50
Dating etiquette rules 3:58
The lady shouldn’t choose the cheapest foods 4:22
First, the man should fill the lady’s glass, and then his. 4:37
The gentleman should be the first to pay. 4:56
If a man and a woman are just friends, they can pay Dutch style. 5:14
Tipping etiquette 5:26
Tips are your choice. 5:48
Don’t say, “keep the change.” 6:14
Tips are not just money. 6:17
Don’t just give a handful of change to the waiter 6:26
If you want to pay by card and leave tips, take some cash with you 6:32
Remember the rules of behavior 6:59

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