20 Tricks You Should Know Before Taking a Photo

Follow these simple rules to take the best pictures ever. You can boost your photography skills with some amazing expert hacks.
Remember your pictures should always tell a story. Help your model be the center of it focusing on one thing only, getting the right angle by experimenting with them and never cutting off to much. The secret to looking better in pictures and overcoming shyness is to feel as natural as you can, to do what you want, sitting down or holding something also helps.
Of course, you can take great pictures at any time of the day, but you can get coolers shots during the “blue hour” and the “golden hour.” The blue hour is one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. You get photos that have a tender blue cast to them. The golden hour is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. This is when the sun is really low over the horizon, and it makes everything seem kind of golden. Such soft light can make even the most ordinary street look different.

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Me In Front of Piazza San Marco: By Jeff Dlouhy, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdlouhy/2506816410
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Focus on one thing only 0:13
Tell a story 0:46
Don’t be shy 1:14
Hold something 1:41
Avoid straight lines 2:00
Sit down 2:19
Be careful with the framing 2:36
Avoid tight shots 3:01
Turn off the flash 3:13
Have an object 3:36
Try to have people in your photo 4:00
Don’t forget about “special hours” 4:25
Bring more light 5:12
Use direct sunlight 5:43
Play with water 6:05
Change your perspective 6:24
Be patient 6:37
Don’t overuse filters 6:55
Use the 30% rule 7:17
Practice makes perfect 7:36

-When you’re taking a picture of someone in front of a building or some beautiful scenery, the person must be the main focus while the building should be nothing more than the background.
-Pictures without a story are empty. And if there isn’t a story to tell, make one up!
-Have your model smile, make wacky faces, or just anything they want to make the pictures look alive.
-Holding something makes you look more natural and helps tell a story.
-There should be as few straight lines as possible. This will make your shots more dynamic.
-People look a lot better in photos when they’re sitting. It makes it easier to relax and overcome shyness.
-Try to frame the shot correctly right away so that you don’t have to crop it later. Remember, if you’re not taking a full-body shot, never cut someone off at the knees.
-Leave some free space around your subject.
-Forget the flash – a built-in one ruins pictures by making the subject’s face look overly lit and giving them glowing red eyes.
-There should be purpose to your picture, and having a subject helps give your photo an object.
-If you’re taking pictures of nature or the city, we recommend adding people to your shot.
-There are certain times that make your photos come out way cooler. Photographers call them the “blue hour” and the “golden hour.”
-If you’re taking a photo of someone in the evening, you should fix your camera onto something, or at least lean against a wall, and tell your model to hold still for longer than usual.
-Don’t avoid taking pictures in direct sunlight: it makes your model’s silhouette shine and gives photos a “free” feeling.
-Don’t be afraid to lie down and put the camera really close to the water to get all the cool reflections.
-Don’t just take a photo from one angle, use all the possible options.
-Wait until some tourists leave the area or some brightly colored tram passes by.
-Use filters to enhance your pictures slightly, not change them completely.
-After you’ve finished editing and are ready to save, lower the intensity of all your effects by 30%.
-Take random photos every day, ask your friends to be your models, and take pictures of yourself more often to practice your photography skills.

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