15 Most Useful Facts You’ll Ever Learn

Your life will never be the same after watching this video. You’re about to learn the most mind-blowing, exclusive and unbelievable facts. Are you sitting on the edge of your seat? You soon will be.

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Mind-blowing fact about time 0:29
Previously unknown fact about Thomas Jefferson 0:34
Anatomy sensation 0:41
Another anatomy sensation 0:49
Amazing fact about sleeping 1:00
Hardest question about Switzerland 1:20
Karma riddle 1:37
Sensational news about sugar 1:55
Unbelievable fact about New York 2:01
Another mind-blowing fact about time 2:10
Fantastic weather fact 2:13
Anatomy sensation number 3 2:18
Practical riddle 2:30
Linguistic riddle 2:44
The most difficult question ever 2:58

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