15 Familiar Things That Have Changed Over Time

A few decades ago, people couldn’t even imagine a portable computer or a touchscreen phone. In fact, the first computer wouldn’t even fit in a room! Phones looked completely different too and were something that only really rich people could afford. And you can’t even fathom how much dogs and chickens have changed!
So grab a seat in our time machine and see how the things we know so well looked when they were just invented!

Swimsuits 0:36
Irons 1:37
Movies 2:26
Razors 3:26
Data storage 3:54
Computer games 4:28
SD cards 5:24
Bananas 5:56
Baby strollers 6:39
Camouflage 7:22
Dogs 7:41
Laptops 8:15
Touchscreen 8:39
The beauty industry 9:08
Chickens 9:38

Preview photo credit:
German Shepherd Dog: By W.E. MASON “Dogs of All Nations” (1915 book), https://www.forgottenbooks.com/en/readbook/DogsofAllNations_10020815#64
German Shepherd Dog. There’s water at the side the road and Tara just saw a duck: By Luis Del Rosario, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, https://www.flickr.com/photos/ldelros60/4670915092/in/photolist-87KEjQ-9NS3nN-9NP4e4-6443sv-nU8RR8-8aCuA5-aW1ukk-pkEsXV-4QzSn8-5B3Fy-7z78oa-9NSbZ1-9NP7p6-8r2pTM-nnvNdB-dXCkc7-2jv7fw-7cFuH8-9NRYVm-9NS1xb-jV39qK-9NSa5U-6i1dyz-4oqEQj-3dQjr-7JEKx5-dXCmVu-4yctte-gjL7zm-6o579X-4gYagD-4M2PYs-kC4ke1-prw5vZ-4sYaKZ-4oqFsN-4LXEVc-4MWXc3-2EDjWv-4qVyLy-4omCSD-4bqSrV-bK6uYz-nZGn-5B7HhL-7Lbh3p-42kq8V-bvXnXM-4qRtTX-4bBi6b
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