14 Tricky Riddles Only a Mastermind Can Crack

Test your brain and logic and try to solve 14 matchstick riddles. Only the smartest of the smartest can cope with these tricky tasks. Give your brain a proper workout – you can exercise it just like you do with your body. Let us know how many riddles you managed to solve in the comments.

Music: Valley Drive by The Whole Other

The wrong equation 0:36
Keep it true 1:15
The arrows 1:53
The farmlands 2:27
5 squares 3:25
Make one out of three 4:01
Ice cubes and glasses 4:43
A fish out of a tree 5:38
Africa 6:09
The Egyptian riddle 6:44
Picture frames 7:28
School of fish 8:16
Big numbers 8:59
Special square 9:33

-Fix the equation by moving 2 matchsticks around.
-Can you move 2 matchsticks to change the equation but still keep it true?
-Move 4 matchsticks to turn one big arrow into two little copies.
-Use 8 extra matchsticks to help the farmer split his property.
-Can you turn 5 squares into 4, also equal in size, by moving just 3 matchsticks?
-Move 2 matchsticks around and get rid of one so that in the end, you get one.
-Get the ice into the glasses by moving 4 matchsticks.
-You’re only allowed to move 2 matchsticks to turn a tree into a fish.
-Divide the African continent into 2 parts with just 2 matchsticks.
-You have one triangle made of 3 matchsticks. Turn it into 4 triangles adding 3 matchsticks to it.
-Get 8 squares in different sizes without removing any matches or changing the size.
-Can you turn this school around by moving 3 matchsticks?
-Try to make the number 993 as small as possible by removing 3 matchsticks.
-Remove 4 matchsticks and rearrange the remaining ones so that the square retains its magic.

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