13 Ways to Boost Your Brain Used By Secret Agents

The way our brain works has always been one of the most fascinating subjects out there. And even though there have been lots of useful and interesting discoveries on this topic, there are also plenty of misconceptions. Today we’re gonna debunk these myths and share a couple of brain-boosting tips used by some of the sharpest minds out there: secret agents!

Myth 1. You can’t become a math genius by drawing.
Myth 2. Swings are for kids.
Myth 3. Psychic abilities don’t exist.
Myth 4. Chess is the best sport for the brain.
Myth 5. Milk is good for your brain.
Myth 6. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Myth 7. Positive thinking is for the young.
Myth 8. Some people are mathematically-inclined, others are not.
Myth 9. Drinking coffee every day is good for memory
Myth 10. Virtual maps and navigators develop spatial orientation.
Myth 11. Electrical stimulation burns up the brain.
Myth 12. Pleasure center stimulation improves brain function.
Myth 13. The brain never gets tired.

Recent research has shown that the brain works better when you can hear the sound of crashing waves, feel the salty breeze and warm sand on your skin, and see all those beautiful shades of blue. That’s why we regain our strength much faster near the ocean. The answer here is either salt therapy, a walk in the forest, or a vacation close to natural bodies of water. And don’t forget about going to the beach!

So which one of these revelations did you find the most surprising? Tell us in the comments below!

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