12 Surprising Signs You Have a Bright Mind

Scientists revealed 12 surprising signs you’re much smarter than you think. Find out if you can call yourself a genius for a reason.
Exceptionally intelligent people always stand out. It turns out that even the smallest things like your height, weight, or eye color can say a lot about your level of intelligence.
Smart people don’t need others to have a good time. Psychologists in the UK found out that people who learned to read early on are more intelligent. Norwegian researchers at the University of Oslo have proven that older children are almost always a bit smarter than their younger siblings. Another sign of intelligence and future success can be seen from a very young age: 3-year-olds that are taller than their peers have much higher scores on cognitive tests. People who had some formal music training for at least 9 months boast higher IQ levels than those who were in drama club or didn’t do any extracurriculars at all. Intelligent people prefer activities that demand patience and constant mental stimulation to active sports. People with long ring fingers tend to be good at math and spatial thinking but lack verbal skills. Those with a longer index finger are usually better in humanitarian fields like languages and literature.
Tons of research has been done on the correlation between eye color and intelligence. People with light-colored eyes are smarter than those with brown or dark-colored eyes.

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You prefer being alone 0:41
You learned to read at a very young age 1:35
You’re the oldest child in the family 2:11
You’re tall 2:56
You took music lessons at some point 3:36
You don’t suffer from obesity 4:15
You don’t really like physical activity 5:02
You have blue eyes 5:52
You’re highly sensitive to noise 6:35
Your ring finger is longer than your index finger 7:20
You panic pretty easily 8:15
You have a bit of a potty mouth 9:01

-People with a high IQ feel comfortable in their own company.
-The earlier you learned the alphabet, the more books you read throughout childhood, and the broader your horizons became.
-The IQ of older children is higher by an average of 3 points than that of their younger siblings.
-A study at Princeton University showed that taller children usually have higher IQ levels.
-It may be the high intelligence itself that makes children choose music instead of something else.
-Slimmer people are statistically more intelligent.
-If you love sport, you might have less interest in learning new things.
-Blue-eyed people usually do better in situations when you need to stop and analyze everything that’s going on, instead of reacting to it.
-If a squeaky floor, chips being crunched on, or even someone’s loud breathing can easily distract you, you’re probably more intelligent than you think.
-People with long ring fingers tend to be good at math and spatial thinking.
-Smart people tend to be pessimistic and imagine all kinds of bad stuff that might happen to them.
-Believe it or not, cussing is actually one of the signs of an above-average brain.

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