12 Strange Wedding Traditions That’ll Make You Reconsider Marriage

You won’t believe what people in different countries do before, during, and right after their wedding day following age-old traditions. Here are some crazy rituals for celebrating love from around the world.
While most brides-to-be spend arduous hours at the gym, young girls in Mauritania are fattened up in a practice known as “leblouh”. For a child to become an adult and ready for marriage in Bali, they have to go through a special tooth filing ceremony. In a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, a Tujia bride starts crying a month before her big day and is later joined by her mother, grandmother, sisters and aunts. To break the spell that would make their prospective husband die early, some women India get married to trees first.
In Scotland, friends and family gladly throw molasses, ash, feathers, flour and way more disgusting things all over the bride to scare off evil spirits and bring good luck. The newlyweds in Congo never smile during the wedding ceremony to show how serious their commitment to their future family is. Masai fathers have their own very special way of blessing their newlywed daughters by spitting on their heads and breasts.

Seahorse – Rondo Brothers
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Force-feeding future brides 0:24
Tooth-filing ceremony 1:22
Advice from a chicken liver 2:07
Whale tooth offering 2:40
Bridal tears 3:19
Married to a tree 4:04
Tar-and-feathering the bride 4:37
Smash it (and clean it up) 5:16
Fighting for shoes 5:48
Poker face 6:22
Human rug 6:47
A good luck spit 7:09

-In Mauritania, young girls and women are fattened up before marriage as their idea of female beauty is curves, layers of fat, and stretch marks.
-Imagine this: the people of Bali go through a special tooth filing ceremony to “cut down” the six sins that live in every person.
-The Daur people of China’s Inner Mongolia cut open a baby chicken to pick the date for the big day.
-In Fiji, young men not only have to ask for her father’s permission, but also bring him a whale tooth to marry the girl of their dreams.
-The Tujia brides in Southwest China start crying a month before the big day. Later, the female part of the family joins them.
-Believe it or not, some women in India marry trees all because of their astrological sign.
-Scottish brides go through a “blackening” ritual to scare off evil spirits and attract good luck.
-The wedding guests in Germany get to smash porcelain and ceramic dishware, and the newlyweds have to clean it all up afterwards as their first shared chore together.
-In India, the groom’s side has to protect the shoes from being stolen by the bride’s family.
-If you’re ever invited to a wedding in the Congo, don’t expect the bride and groom to smile, they avoid it to show how serious the commitment to future family is.
-Once the wedding ceremony is over in French Polynesia, all the guests on the bride’s side lie face down in the dirt to make one long human rug.
-Masai fathers try to trick fate by spitting on their daughters heads and breasts.

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