12 Details You Never Noticed On “Friends”

Even if you’re the biggest fan of “Friends” and you think you know everything about the crazy popular TV show, there are some little secrets you most definitely don’t know. Let’s see if you were attentive enough to notice all of the details of your favorite TV sensation.
You’ll find out that the famous café couch at Central Perk café was always unoccupied for a reason, what Monica used to deal with stress and why her kitchen window was somewhat magical. You will pay attention to the interesting notes on the doodle board on Joey and Chandler’s apartment door, some name changes in the credits and find out why nobody ever laughs at Chandler’s jokes. Another secret used in the show is the unusual camera angle.

The famous café couch was always unoccupied for a reason. 0:30
Monica introduced Rachel to Chandler in the pilot episode as if they’d never met before. 1:15
Monica has a “yelling” jar at her restaurant. 1:51
Monica’s magical kitchen window. 2:22
The interesting notes on the doodle board on Joey and Chandler’s apartment door. 2:54
They once changed the names of the entire cast in the credits. 3:32
Ross has two birthdays. 4:03
Nobody ever laughs at Chandler’s jokes. 4:35
The same actress played a nurse at the hospital and Joey’s agent. 5:11
The unusual camera angle. 5:43
All the wedding dresses. 6:10
Courteney Cox was pregnant when the last episode was shot. 6:45
Bonus 7:33

-Look closely, and you’ll see that the legendary orange couch has actually been reserved all along.
-In “The One with the Flashback,” we find out that Rachel knew Chandler back in college.
-Monica had a special jar she had to put a dollar in every time she yelled at somebody.
-Did you notice that the view outside Monica’s kitchen window was constantly changing?
-Did you pay attention to the Magna Doodle Board? It had a lot of funny messages written on it.
-The creators of the show decided to add “Arquette” to the end of everyone’s names in the credits in 1999 when Courteney Cox got married.
-According to Dr. Geller, he was born in December, but a couple of years later, he claimed that his birthday was October 18th.
-The director didn’t want to ruin the flow of the scene by stopping for laughs.
-June Gable played the role of a nurse in the episode when Ross’s son Ben was born and Joey’s agent Estelle Leonard.
-Chandler let us see the angle used by the camera crew to shoot the majority of scenes.
-Emily and Rachel end up wearing wedding dresses different from the ones they tried on.
-Although Courteney was wearing baggy clothes the whole time, we can still notice her growing baby belly in some episodes.
-You can enjoy all the best bloopers and inside jokes from the show’s 10-year run in a special episode of Conan talk show with the whole cast of Friends.

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