10 Tricky Riddles Will Challenge Your Brain to Its Limit

Scientists believe that riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers can improve how our brain functions and can help us think outside the box. These riddles may look easy, but don’t underestimate them as they have sneaky twists! Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected 10 riddles for you to ponder over.

Which balloon is the farthest from the ceiling? 0:09
Charlie’s Angels puzzle 0:33
Finish the equation by placing 3 balls. 0:56
Add up the 15 matches to get 4 areas of equal size. 1:21
Which shape will come next in the pattern? 1:46
Can you explain the logic? 2:10
Fruit puzzle. 2:40
Add 2 matches to make the equation true. 3:05
Which is the odd picture? 3:32
Which cylinder is higher? 3:59

How many riddles did you get right? Tell us in the comments below and share these tricky puzzles with your friends!

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