10 Morning Habits You Should Say Goodbye to Once and for All

We all have morning habits that are dangerous for our health. Change your life with some easy steps. If your mornings always start off with a cup of black coffee and a steaming hot shower, then you have cause for concern. Find out which morning habits it’s time to bid good riddance to.
Never hit the “snooze button” on your alarm because it messes up your sleep cycles. Always take cold showers in the morning to get the energy for the day. Research shows that 80% of all smartphone users check their gadgets first thing in the morning. Don’t do it to save your time and nerves. Let the sun in or switch on the lights. Mornings are hectic enough, so don’t make it worse by wasting time choosing your clothes. It’s actually healthier to eat a slice of pizza in the morning than a bowl of cereal. Always wait 30 minutes after meals before brushing your teeth. If you really can’t go without your cup of morning coffee, add a little milk or cream to it.

Hitting the “snooze” button 0:30
Skipping on showering 1:20
Taking hot showers 2:00
Checking your phone 2:53
Getting ready in the dark 3:35
Wasting time on your outfit 4:15
Eating cereal 5:11
Brushing your teeth after eating 6:10
Drinking black coffee 7:04
Making the bed right away 7:55

-Don’t try to extend your sleep for another 10 minutes: your body starts a sleep cycle that it won’t finish in such a short time.
-Help your brain become more alert and less likely to be distracted by outside factors by taking a shower.
-Taking cold showers helps you feel refreshed, stimulates brain activity, and strengthens your immune system.
-Stop wasting your time checking in on other people’s lives and spend more time on our own.
-Getting ready in the dark tricks your brain into thinking it’s still nighttime.
-Cut the amount of outfit choices you have not to waste your time picking the perfect one.
-Eat a slice of pizza in the morning than a bowl of cereal.
-Rinse your mouth out with water and use dental floss to pick out any remaining food from your teeth.
-The best time to have your first cup of coffee is three or four hours after waking up.
-Take the comforter completely off the bed after you wake up to let the sheets dry.

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