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10 Hidden Mac Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Do you want to learn some useful and interesting tricks your Mac can do? 

While more people prefer PC than Mac, there’s no denying the functionality of the Mac. With over 100 million active Mac users out there, Apple knew they had to keep things interesting.

Thus, they added a few Mac secrets that you’d find only if you explore your computer or read our post. Below, we compiled a list of 10 unknown Macintosh secrets you can use. Some you may find useful, others quirky and fun.

1. Hot Corner Settings

Given that it’s rectangular, your Mac screen has, well, four corners. You can make them useful or only for aesthetic value. For example, you can trigger your screensaver to display photos of your loved ones or the inspirational Kobe Bryant.

Do you want to disable your screensaver at the touch of a button? Do you want to open the notification center with one click? All these and more are possible by enabling the Mac feature Hot Corner.

Go to System Preferences, click on Desktop and Screen Saver, and open the Screen Saver tab. There, you’ll find a Hot Corners button to click on. A pop-up will appear for you to customize your hot corners.

2. Use Slow-Motion in Expose 

Almost everything looks good in slow motion. Do you want to see and work on your Mac in slow motion as well? You can do it with the easy and quick app-selection tool Expose.

All you need to do is hold “Shift” while pressing your Expose key. This works on your Expose keys F9, F10, or F11. Note that this works on those with Mac OSX version 10.6 and earlier.

3. Preview Files 

Do you want to check files quicker? Preview them with this very simple trick. When you select a file, hold down the spacebar.

This works for both image and video files. You can also switch between files while using preview by pressing the arrow keys.

You can’t do the same with document files or compressed files. If you want to see what’s inside them, you must open the .rar files first. For a guide on opening .rar files on Mac, check out

4. Create a Signature

Since the dawn of the paperless office, we’ve seen a great decrease in paper consumption. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to do some things with tech. For example, signing documents hasn’t been much easier unless you had a digital pen and tablet to sign on.

Apple foresaw this problem and decided to add one of the cool MacBook features hidden in plain sight.

Take a clean piece of paper and sign on it. Do it more than once if you want to see some variation in your signatures. Now, in Preview, open a document you need to sign.

Open the toolbar for Annotations, click on the Signature button, and choose the ‘Create Signature from Built-in iSight’ option. Place your digital signature on the page. Make sure you save it for future signings.

5. Type the Apple Icon

Now, let’s talk about one of the quirkiest Mac secrets. We all know that branding is important. Thus, Apple found a way to put a little easter egg in their Mac keyboard shortcuts.

That is the Apple logo. Hold down Option + Shift + K. There you have it, an iconic little apple.

6. AutoComplete 

If you’re not a fan of typing or spelling, it can be difficult to write words. We have an idea of how devastating or hilarious misspellings can come across in social media. If you don’t want that, here’s one of the many MacBook Air tricks you need to know.

When you need help with spelling, press F5 or Option + Escape. A menu of possible spellings of the word you’re thinking of. Note that this little trick works whenever you’re in iChat or TextEdit.

7. Speech-to-Text Conversion

While we’ve already got advance tech features like Siri, voice control is still a work in progress. However, it’s already advanced enough to be useful for writing and completing computer commands. On Mac OS, dictation-typing works especially well.

The best thing is you can do these things your Mac computer can do with only one button. Press your function (fn) key twice then start speaking. Press the function key once more and the Mac will convert your voice to text.

Now, you can speak your letters instead of type it. This gives it a tone of sincerity and honest emotion. It also allows you to speak in a more natural way, which is useful especially with important letters.

8. Control Your Screen Brightness in a Jiffy

You likely have different brightness preferences for your screen when you’re inside the house and outside. It’s easy to get used to adjusting your screen brightness the manual way. However, sometimes, it can be a bother when you don’t have enough time to adjust it.

Here’s a nifty little shortcut you can use to adjust it fast. All you need is to remember the two easy commands. If you want to brighten your screen, hold the up button + Option key together.

The command for lowering brightness is easy and intuitive. Replace the up button with the down button.

9. Mac Secrets for Running Apps

When your Mac is running slow, it can mean a few things. One of these is that it’s a sign that your RAM space is running out. One way to troubleshoot this is to close some of the apps that are running.

It’s easy to do with this secret Mac command. Hold the Command + tab keys to see the apps that are running on your Mac. While holding the Command key, press the tab button to go through the list of apps.

When you found an app you want to close, press Q. If you find an app you want to hide, press H.

Now, you know one way of troubleshooting a Mac with slow performance and that’s filling up on RAM.

10. Duplicate Open Files in a Second

One of the many cool things on Mac is the Duplicate Open File secret command. This is especially useful since the Mac doesn’t have a Save As option like Windows offers. To achieve it without going through the File menu, you need only follow two steps.

First, click on the filename at the top. Next, a menu drops down. Click on the Duplicate option.

Et voila, you’ve replicated your file.

Have Fun With These Mac Tricks

Life’s a little more fun when you know a few more things. This includes knowing about these quirky and hidden tricks.

Enjoyed this list of 10 fun and useful Mac secrets? If you want to see more interesting content like this, check out our other guides. We talk about all things Mac and Mac-related.