10 Easy Ways to Handle an Emergency Situation

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can help you survive yourself or save the lives of others. At one point or another, most of us have been taught the basic survival rules to follow when faced with a threat.
You might think that swimming in a river or lake is safer than taking a dip in the sea, but that’s not exactly true. Fresh water is often colder and takes more energy and skill to get out of because it doesn’t support your body like salt water does. If you find yourself caught in a river current, breathe deeply and swim in a diagonal line, that will eventually bring you to the shore. As for getting caught in a sea current, the first rule is the same: stay calm, don’t panic, and don’t flail around. Simply cut across the current diagonally because it doesn’t typically expand along the whole shoreline.
If you’re with your close ones when a fire starts, agree on a meeting place outside in case you get separated. When smoke starts filling the room, don’t walk and don’t even think about going through a window or waiting it out. The best strategy is to stay low and crawl to the nearest exit as soon as possible.
There are different ways you can save yourself if you’re choking, and there’s nobody around to help you. Remember! Don’t speak, don’t drink anything, and don’t inhale deeply.
If someone is suffering from hypothermia, cover the victim with warm blankets. Make sure that not only the body but also the head and feet are covered.
If you get lost in the woods, you can use your wristwatch to find your direction. Hold an analog watch horizontally in your hand and imagine a wedge-shaped piece marking the area between the hour hand and the number one. The center of this angle is the north-south line.


How to survive if you’re caught in a strong current 0:41
What to do in case of a fire 2:17
How to save yourself if you’re choking 3:11
What to do if you’re bleeding 4:02
If you’re dehydrated 6:08
In case of hypothermia 6:47
If you get lost in the woods 7:14
How to find water in the wild 7:57
Treating minor burns 8:42

-If you find yourself caught in a river current, don’t panic and don’t flail your limbs. Don’t try to swim across the current or upstream. If the waters are really rapid, turn over on your back and make sure that your feet point downstream.
-When smoke starts filling the room, stay low and crawl to the nearest exit as soon as possible. You should never open a window in a burning building, and definitely don’t try to hide inside.
-If you’re choking, make a fist and place it below your rib cage and above your belly button, quickly thrust it into your abdomen. You can also Lean over a chair and press your abdomen against the back of it.
-If you’ve accidentally nicked yourself in the kitchen or wherever, first clean the cut with cold running water, then use hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection. If the bleeding is more severe, start by applying a firm bandage. Keep applying pressure to the wound even after the bandage is in place. Most crucial of all, call for emergency medical assistance as soon as possible.
-If you’re dehydrated, the perfect solution is 4 cups of water mixed with one teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and half a teaspoon of baking soda.
-In case of hypothermia, never rub the victim’s arm or legs, don’t put them in a tub of hot water or give them alcohol to drink.
-If you get lost in the woods, use your analog watch as a compass to find the north-south line.
-To get water in the wild, use a string to tie a plastic bag to the end of a tree branch to create a little greenhouse. Another option is to dig a pit in the ground, put a plastic sheet over it, and place an empty container inside to collect water and small stone in the middle of the construction to collect water.
-For any type of burn, immediately remove any jewelry or tight clothing before the swelling starts and never use oil, cotton pads, ice, or iodine. If the burn is thermal, acid, or alkaline, hold it under cold running water for 10-15 minutes.

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