10 Crazy Remedies From The Past We’ve Fortunately Replaced

You won’t believe what crazy treatment methods were used in the past for the most common diseases. Unexpected and shocking remedies were recommended by doctors to treat wide-spread medical conditions.
A centrifuge to treat migraine, bloodletting and maggots to fight infections, sheep liver for diagnostics, lobotomies for depression and anxiety, hot wax for toothache are just some of the craziest remedies. You’ll be surprised to find out watching shooting stars was used for treating acne and wearing an amulet with “Abracadabra” on it was used for hay fever.
Fortunately, these weird and dangerous methods were replaced with effective medications and high-tech equipment we use today.

Migraine centrifuge 0:35
Bloodletting and maggots to fight infections 1:46
Sheep liver for diagnostics 3:00
Eating owl for gout 3:36
Crocodile dung for birth control 4:42
Lobotomies for depression and anxiety 5:44
Shooting stars for acne 6:36
Hot wax for toothache 7:11
Tobacco smoke for asthma 7:55
“Abracadabra” for hay fever 8:38

-In the 18th century, doctors would spin patients around in a centrifuge so that blood would leave the head.
-Imagine this: doctors used bloodletting to fight infections in ancient Egypt.
-Doctors in ancient Mesopotamia diagnosed people by sacrificing a sheep and taking out its liver.
-In Medieval Britain, owl flesh mixed with boar’s grease was a popular remedy for gout.
-Crocodile dung was a great contraceptive in Ancient Egypt.
-It’s hard to believe it, but lobotomies were still widely used in the 1940s as the number one cure for any mental condition.
-Back in 4th century Rome, cleaning your face with a piece of cloth while watching a shooting star was a popular acne treatment.
-People in India used to have their cavities filled with melted wax.
-At the turn of the 20th century, asthmatic patients were recommended to inhale vapors from burning tobacco.
-An amulet with “Abracadabra” engraved on it was once used as a treatment for hay fever.

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