10 Brain Teasers That’ll Mess With Your Head

We all loved those connect-the-dots puzzles as kids. Those awesome brain teasers were fun and tricky at the same time. The riddles you’re about to see are a little more challenging. We’re going to train your brain and test your geometry and drawing skills. But don’t worry, no math involved here. You just need your logic skills to think outside the box.

4 dots arranged as a square 0:32
9 dots and 4 straight lines 1:14
9 dots and 3 straight lines 2:03
16 dots and 6 lines 2:48
16 dots and 6 continuous lines 3:35
A square of 25 dots 4:39
A square of 36 dots 5:22
5 straight lines and 10 dots 6:02
A square with 7 dots 6:46
A box with creatures 7:31

-Use 3 straight lines to connect all the dots and return to the starting point.
-Connect 9 dots with 4 straight lines.
-Connect 9 dots with only 3 straight lines.
-You have 16 dots, and you should use 6 lines to connect them all.
-Connect all of the 16 dots with 6 continuous lines.
-Connect all of the 25 dots in a square using just 8 straight lines.
-Use only 10 straight lines to connect 36 dots.
-Draw 5 straight lines and place 10 dots on them so that there are 4 dots on each line.
-Try to draw just 3 straight lines dividing the square in such a way that in each part there will be only one dot.
-You need to draw 3 straight lines in such a way that in each part of the box there will be one butterfly, one ant, and one fish.

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