10 Amazing Things You Did Before You Were Born

Find out some pretty amazing facts about what you could do before you were even born. The life of a baby in his mom’s belly is way more exciting than you could possibly imagine.
Whether it’s thumb sucking or listening to your favorite tunes, there’s so much fun going on in there. It turns out babies can develop a love for certain foods their mom ate a lot of during pregnancy. Babies in the womb have sleep cycles. Week 32 or even earlier is the time they go through their first REM cycle. Babies are not only physically connected to their moms but also emotionally, so they can get scared from time to time and even silently cry. Babies actually pee in the womb, but their urine has no smell and it’s sterile, so it’s not as gross as it sounds. Babies that are overdue or had some stress in mom’s belly can actually poop before they’re born, but it’s uncommon. In the 6th month of pregnancy, embryos give their mothers a fun time when they start getting hiccups that make the belly jump up. Probably the most adorable thing an embryo can do is smiling.

Tasting food 0:31
Sucking a thumb 1:24
Dreaming and yawning 1:57
Distinguishing voices and tunes 2:48
Crying 3:48
Peeing 4:52
Pooping 5:31
Breathing underwater 6:27
Getting the hiccups 7:03
Smiling 7:29

-By week 9 in the womb, babies have developed a mouth, tongue, and small taste buds.
-At week 12 in your mom’s belly, you started sucking your thumb for comfort and to explore their cool newly accessible body parts.
-Week 32 or even earlier is the time babies start dreaming just like we do.
-Babies distinguish and love hearing their mom’s voice before they’re even born.
-A phenomenon known as “silent crying” develops in embryos at 28 weeks.
-Babies urinate every 45 minutes and the urine actually stays right there in the womb.
-Not all babies actually defecate in the womb, but we all do accumulate stuff that could be considered embryonic “poop”.
-At 27 weeks in the womb, babies start to practice breathing that doesn’t involve oxygen.
-Hiccups are a sign of healthy lung development.
-Babies practice smiling, along with other facial expressions, inside the womb.

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