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  1. Metha Zone

    Changend from Rich Piana to the next best Rich 🙂

  2. Jakewon Hubbards

    Damn, Rich. Tell us how you really feel.

  3. Erich Scheidle

    How is the word sociopath water down nowadays?

  4. Crazywaffle5150

    This is crazy because I live in Wichita, ks. Not much news about this locally.

  5. Daniel Villanueva

    I agree with all you say Rick about him been a sociopath and him doing it again after getting out of jail, I’m pretty sure you say all that because of your degrees in criminal psychology and law and not because shock value and clickbaiting :^)

  6. Obbliteration

    Going to prison one year already ruins your entire life. Good luck getting any job and you lose all your possessions.

    As much as you hate it it isnt murder. Involuntary manslaughter is correct. He did not want to kill him and the police mandid but his actions had that death as a direct consequence.

  7. SpeedyAnarchy

    They need help, not infinite imprisonment! you stupid american are so crule

  8. The BC Gamer

    2 years? Should be 20 years.

  9. Uchiha Madara

    He's just gonna say he has street cred now because of jail time and go right back to swatting Thanks Judicial system!!

  10. BossZnakemaster

    Because of situations like this America needs more and better non-lethal weapons to take down perpetrators. In this situation if such a weapon was used, the worst thing that would have happened is a lawsuit and not a death.

  11. SuperNorstShow

    We just need to kill psychopaths and sociopaths.

  12. Kaze Maru

    Excellent set of opinions! (not sarcasm)

  13. swoll1980

    I didn't realize a cop was a deadly ordnance.

  14. I’ve heard that you Like mercy

    We should do like the saudis! You kill? You get beheaded! Nice trade

  15. Nuvendil

    Swatting needs to be classified as a low level felony and brought under the three strikes law. If this were done, this jackass would be serving a life sentence right now as a persistent habitual felon and the dude he got killed would still be alive.

  16. Covenant Armada

    This man needs at least and I mean at least 5yrs. Realisticly at least 10-25yrs.

  17. UniversalTuber

    Ah yes, the usual internet comments of: "here is a barbaric human being, here are all the equally barbaric things society should do in response."

    Idiots. The only thing distinguishing society from people like him is that we hold ourselves to a higher moral standard.

  18. Redportal

    did the cop get in any trouble? he was very trigger happy

  19. aznpikachu215

    I honestly think it should b e 20-25 years, or more.
    Because isn't this technically a 1st degree?

  20. Smooth Tsunami

    It should be considered murder, because manslaughter is killing someone accidentally, however he knew that if the SWAT went over that their was a chance that the person would be shot, thus he murdered this person

  21. LSSG Broly

    Rich should be SWATted for being a double standard hypocrite and for refusing to get a job while begging for patreon.

    But Halo 3 will save his life.

  22. PikaLink91

    This is like people stealing money get longer sentences than people commiting murder or rape. Because money is more important than people………right?

  23. Sunny Lovett

    You are correct, the police officer who shot the man should be charged with Manslaughter at the least.
    Tyler should be charged with premeditated murder.
    Of course the bigger issue is why the police response is to come in guns blazing.

  24. XXLepic

    Why isn’t the man who called this guy to swat, and the guy who gave the fake address… not charged for anything?

  25. Jon Ill

    The SWAT team did a terrible job if he called the cops realistically he could've just peeked out the window or saw the cop lights went back into the room and killed everybody in that "hostage situation"
    After shooting him they left his dead body to rot there because they knew they fucked up and didn't want his side of the story to get out
    The Police letting people bleed out after they "accidentally" shoot them is too common nowadays

  26. Jordan Clover

    What happened with the longer videos rich?

  27. stonyack

    This is ridiculous! He needs to spend the rest of his life in prison.

  28. Rob's Epic Entertainment

    Send him to Arkam Asylum.

  29. Half_Harry

    Asoon as your video starts don't ask for damn donations don't force it upon people say it at the end of the video or leave it in the cards. I would understand from a small YouTuber you get millions of viewers a month

  30. Adam Gardner

    The likely reason is because they want a conviction. An actual murder charge would be a lot harder to get, especially with a jury. Remember the jury that acquitted that illegal alien who murdered a US citizen in a sanctuary city…

  31. Elias Sen Doudouh

    Death penalty! Death penalty! Death penalty!

  32. Fruggstrix

    I hope he gets stabbed in prison

  33. Maz D-con

    Why can people escape prison with money? What's the point of prison then?

  34. TheJman425

    Can you imagine if this person was black? Funny how it's not that serious since the guy was white. At least I think he was white. The point is the black community would be up in arms if this unarmed person was black and killed. No one cares about white people and that's sad. Are they overreacting or are we underreacting?

  35. Jake Williams

    His butt hole will be increase in size by bubba

  36. Andrew Wallace

    People like that, the world is a better place without them.. don't let jail waste space

  37. Patrick Musson

    I just hope the police officer(s) who actually killed the victim don't get into trouble because of this vermin.

  38. Oopy Doopy

    Why does nobody care about the guy that told Tyler Barriss to make the call? He should be held accountable as well. As far as I'm concerned, he basically hired a hitman. Just because there's more links in the chain doesn't make him less responsible, he just didn't have the balls to make the call himself.

  39. NoLimit

    What happened to “the new format 3 topics instead of one”
    Just curious 🙂

  40. GTB7979

    Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of weed😉

  41. Marijan Vukojević

    Life of comunity service!!!i don't understand american,or any prison system,for that have milions of useless men who just lift weights instead of doing something productive and useful to the country.explain,please?

  42. Alji 2014

    What did you think of the nintendo direct mini

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