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  1. The Trust

    I saw a Maxmoefoe video this game years ago

  2. Omega172

    What's the point in this game? Literally just shower with your dad? Why though?

  3. Ben Melling

    About 3 years late tbh

  4. ultris07

    If this game is just now getting steam in trouble, then I don't believe people watched all the popular YouTubers play the game.
    Also I think people are overreacting.

  5. Sande

    Soon we'll start banning games like GTA for "promoting violence". I can't believe people are so mad about fictional games. How about you go worry about real world problems instead where real human beings are being harmed instead of looking at a bunch of pixels on your screen and getting offended over it.

  6. J.P.

    If they're about to get in trouble for this, I'm going to buy it just out of principle.

  7. Timmity3

    I think everyone is overreacting. Child abuse is not depicted in the game.

  8. Cathal

    This game has been out for ages hahahahaha

  9. TBoneTony

    It is fictional characters, reminds me of the crazy Rapelay controversy.

    So what are they wanting to do, ban legitimate parents from showering with their kids that is a normal part of parenting?

    While I would rather play the game and so I can get the context, but I have seen and played worse FICTIONAL games like this.

    Match the kid with the dad?

    Are they trying to ban people from taking baths together like at the public baths?

  10. VGH

    so uh rich what happened to the new format?

  11. yoyoyoshio267

    I hope Steam puts down these idiots and keeps the game on Steam, it's far too late to get offend over this game

  12. lubu523

    Japan and other nations are OK with showering with your dad
    2) naturalist would hate the negative review

    How can he call a game tasteless when it got so many playing it

  13. FLTheAnimeGuy Mk. 9000

    I actually knew about the day first time it was released.

  14. Poke Paw

    When I was a small child I showered with my mom, I don't see anything weird about it.
    And come on! People getting offended NOW over a 2 year old game?

  15. Gewsfrahba

    its just a parody game, it was parodying all the simulators coming out at that time

  16. Lorenzo Pagani

    Can't spell cuck without UK

  17. Cedric M

    The out cry is apart of american prudism. Dads showering with sons (even in public places) is actually no bid deal, in European countries.

  18. P2M

    Why is a game from 2015 getting attention now?

  19. Nate Jennings

    "National Society To Prevent Cruelty To Children"? They needed a special little group for that? What about CPS or DSHS? Fuckin' special interest groups…
    As far as "Shower With Your Dad"? Just the title should've set off bells and whistles.

  20. Cedric M

    "Doesn't need to be there." Please, Rich. Tell us what games NEED to be on Steam?

  21. killerraseru25

    I use to shower with my dad and brothers I just turn 30 in December, like you said it's just to show you how to take a shower and that's it this generation is (forgive my language) FUCKING DOOM THEY TAKE EVERYTHING AND TURNED IT UPSIDE DOWN LIKE DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILDREN. Forgive my rage

  22. Jah nelson

    Here’s my theory. Thought policing and SJW cancer always assume that healthy masculine behavior is toxic. Therefore, all dads who really shower with their sons are called pedophiles and rapist, because if you had XX chromosomes first then the burn wouldn’t be as bad or next to nothing! Fucking pathetic!

  23. MediaFreak97

    Pewdiepie played this ages ago, Right?

  24. That argument against child abuse sounds like the gun crowd blaming games for gun crimes

  25. Spawnfreak

    This game Jim Sterling endorsed it.

  26. Damien Clark

    Why do you have a patreon if you can’t show the video? You said you Wanted to do patreon so you could do Content that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed is that not what patreon is for? You lied for one An two you can’t stop thinking about money long enough to make one real raw video You’re now no better than any other E beggar

  27. Daniel Villanueva

    >I got it like a year ago
    >I’m not ashamed of literally supporting child rape culture.


  28. The Darkside of the Moon 🐮🔪

    ritchie why you only got one arm hanging out

  29. MZZA

    Here in Finland it is fairly common for two families or groups of people to go to sauna together, even if they don't know each other too well. Often, there are children too if it's between families and sometimes if it's a friend group, men and women might go at the same time. There's nothing sexual about it and it's not weird unless you make it weird by being awkward. Female transfer students have especially hard time to get used to the fact that the mother of the host family might just casually ask to go to sauna with them during the first weekend.

  30. Gamechamp3000

    I think this is just ludicrous. Shower With Your Dad Simulator is a legitimate game, unlike the shovelware Steam is full of, and it's totally innocent: it portrays nudity as nothing more than people without clothing, without any sexual themes. The idea that nudity is something inherently adult or even immoral is something that society needs to get past.

  31. Kamikazi Lucas

    how is showering with your dad abusing children

  32. Lizardman

    I was wondering when the outrage would come.

  33. Adam Arzo

    Seriously, when did we become a society where murder is a lesser crime than rape? Rape is horrible, but at the end of the day if my child is raped then at least we can attempt to rebuild their life, hug them and comfort them. When someone murders my child, I don't get to even speak to them again.

    When we don't have an issue with games like Call of Duty where you murder people, plant explosives and blow things up but we have an issue with a game like this then you know we've gone very wrong as a society. What I find disturbing is that murder is a normal and accepted thing in the movie and gaming industry, but when you go beyond that(A Serbian Movie might be an example here) and make movies that contain rape suddenly it's wrong. Suddenly you are the demon of society.

    Pretty fucked up if you ask me. Can you really take a high ground as someone who watches a movie where a terrorist kills hundreds of innocent people compared to someone who watches a movie about a serial rapist? I don't think so.

  34. bigboobiessogood

    How can you give Steam a slap on the wrist when you put money in their palm for the game. Steam needs to filter through all the crap games like this one and games like Milky Boobs and streamline the service with quality. Steam has become weighed down with crap like this.

  35. Rex Holes

    Retards, is it automatically abuse for a child to shower with their dad? no it isn't

  36. Fuck Google

    My only thing is if it was "Shower With Your Mom Simulator 2015", i don't think i would be commenting this comment on this video right now because it would have never been made and uploaded…..

  37. Cheiften

    i remeber i played it when it came out, played it for an hour, laughed then refunded it. it was like 2 years ago.. isnt this a bit late.

  38. Joce Almighty

    My friend bought me this game…swear I didn't buy it…

  39. Matthew Perez

    Retro active triggering

  40. BeginsWithTheEnd

    The only valid criticism I can think of is maybe that if it were the same exact game where it featured moms with their daughters instead it would probably have never saw the light of day. But that may be more of a critique on society's double standards…

  41. david eakin

    its been around for almost 3 years. How is this an issue now?

  42. Southend busker

    zero sense of humour. Sure its a cheap 5 second joke of a game but …

  43. Monkey Jesus

    Has no one showered with their parents when they were younger?

  44. Halsaufschneider

    This game is racist! The black dad should have one pixel moa…

  45. ilie vlad

    Swyd sim. was made in 2015.
    it's fucking pixelated.
    And NOW they're taking action?
    Quite the bold move, honestly.

  46. mrnotsoevil

    I can understand that there is an outrage, because people nowadays are completely nuts and sexualize everything.

  47. Jonathon Bisiach

    An organisation trying to raise its profile by complaining about a micro-game released in 2015. Yawn…

  48. Queen of the Frost

    I've never used Steam in my life.

  49. OutlawsBebop

    This game is old. How is it just now causing problems?

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