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  1. Ominous Gaming


  2. David Steinberg

    My granda was the one who got me into gaming with Halo on the original xbox. RIP granda you were a great guy.

  3. Aidan Spies

    I already was one of her grand children before I watched this

  4. finkel productions

    she is batter then me…

  5. CubeNewb

    These people in this comment section are SO caring, people calling you racist, getting mad at you for making her more popular. Yeah, shame on you for giving out free popularity. (sarcastic)

  6. CubeNewb

    How can Super Castlevania be the best game ever if Symphony of the Night is better AND a game in the same series?

  7. Meddo

    yeah clicking the mouse does take some skill…

  8. Spencer Almodovar

    I'm going to play video games until I die.

  9. cramsa

    My 70 year old aunt games on her Android Phone…. just puzzles though.

  10. Damo m

    RPG mate, no skill involved. Its all about grinding.

  11. Vismund

    I love grandma shirley!

  12. Martin Anthonyo

    part of me wants her to be popular, just so she get recognized, but the other part of me, doesn't want her to be popular, because I don't want to get her fanbase or comments to be entangled with today's culture, like memes and trolls(even though I very much enjoy to be one)

  13. Raquel Anaya


  14. b0sse

    you dont even need any skills to play skyrim. the combat is a joke in it.

  15. Clay War

    damn, this woman is badass

  16. Ian Sanchez

    She's pretty fuckin cute!

  17. Keldeo Star

    This is adorable. and she IS amazing at it. Man I think I found a new person to watch playing skyrim~

  18. Yi Xing Long

    TFW an 80 year old is better at Skyrim than you are…

  19. KnifingGHST

    her movements are very stiff, idk, it bothers me xD. I love her but I can't watch her videos. xD

  20. Gorilla Monsoon

    What pisses me off is when people my age (30s) say games are for kids, or worse, they're toys.


    Shirley Curry not Curley

  22. Z4rrow

    I think she's great.

  23. Tech Savage

    lol that's awesome I have to check her channel out

  24. Ottoman Of Monado Hell

    I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for my 75 year old grandfather playing through each Call of Duty campaign. He stopped at Ghosts, due to the futuristic changes.

  25. Jim Hardba

    "perhaps the best game of all time" yeah no, try advanced warfare. That's the best.

  26. Michael Moorlock

    Great video Rich, & thanks for the link to Shirley Curry's UTube channel. I've subbed it, & will deffinately catch her live asap. From a 59 year olg gamer, all my best to you & yours. Take care mate, M

  27. frjoethesecond

    SOTN is the best Castlevania.

  28. Barry Clark

    Shirley is awesome! And Super Castlevania IV is one of the best games on the SNES. It also has one of the best sound tracks of ALL time on any system.

  29. BevelBoyJack

    Speaking of good gaming your kickin ass at Castlevania right now

  30. dacasman

    Ive never understood why super castlevania IV is such a highly praised game. and this is coming from someone that grew up playing it. to me it feels slow paced, clunky, repetitive and just kinda boring. Even in its time. The pickups are very redundant. and the short pause that happens every time you use the whip it completely unsatisfying to me.
    I mean people can have their opinion on which game is the best in the world. I just don't get why SO many people seem to think the same.
    I know it's nothing to do with the topic of the video, its just that Rich uses it so much in his videos anyways says "one of the best games in the world if not THE best"

  31. Miami Watts

    Shes gained 50,000+ subs since this video!!

  32. Flammie

    It always makes me happy to see older people interested in things like games.

  33. Kainomura

    damn, and she is patient and make every hit count with a slow 2 hand weapon. Amazing!

  34. CovertBrony

    That Dragonborn can make some mean cookies.

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