Iwata: Young Gamers Can’t Pass Level 1 In Super Mario Bros.

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Another Study PROVES That Video Games Don’t Cause Violence!

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Video Games Made This Woman (Partially) Blind

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Google delivers minor updates to Daydream View headset, bumps up price to $99

Today, Google showcased a new version of its Google Daydream headset. It’s a little better in a lot of ways but it’s also $99, $20 more than the previous version. It looks largely the same, but it’s gaining the same … Read More

Possible Mass Shooting Thwarted At Pokemon World Championship

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Top 6 Indie Games you need to download today!

We all love our usual AAA titles like Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed franchise but sometimes all you want to play is something different from the everyday formulae that the big companies push you to … Read More

5 video games that Elon Musk loves playing

Elon Musk is a master at several things. He serves as the CEO of two companies. At Tesla, he is involved in developing top-notch cars and autonomous vehicles, and at SpaceX, he works on developing rockets and gear for astronauts. … Read More

Inside IGN | TC Cribs

This week’s episode features IGN — the web’s most popular gaming destination — which happens to have an office loaded with video game memorabilia, arcade machines, and students of comic book lore. I also get a chance to show off … Read More

GamerLink | Disrupt SF 2017

GamerLink helps video game players find a community to connect with cross-platform and around the world.

Games turn kids into killers?

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