Safety Tips For Airbnb

Whether you’re hosting people in your house or staying in someone else’s, a little precaution goes a long way Staying Safe When Using Airbnb: For the latest in mobile reviews and everything tech, visit Follow us on Twitter: … Read More

Portable Bluetooth Speaker: What You Should Look Out For Before Buying

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a handy accessory to have for your smartphone or laptop. But picking one can sometimes be stressful affair, especially given the sheer number of options in the market. In this video, we’ll be going through … Read More


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URB-E’s newest foldable electric scooter

It’s called the URB-E Sport, and has the same foldable form factor as its older siblings. It has a max range of 16 miles, and a top speed of 14 MPH. And it’s only $899. Considering a Boosted Board will … Read More

The Modobag Suitcase Is My New Hot Ride

The Modobag motorized suitcase was created by inventor Kevin O’Donnell after seeing his kid riding on the suitcase he was pulling through the airport. Full Article: Video Credits Written by: Tito Hamze Hosted by: Tito Hamze Filmed by: Gregory Manalo … Read More

Crunch Report | Using SpaceX Spaceships to Travel on Earth

Today’s Stories  SpaceX plans to use spaceships for Earth passenger transit Apple quietly acquired computer vision startup Regaind First China, now South Korea has banned ICOs Credits Written by: Tito Hamze, John Mannes, Jessica ScottHosted by: Tito HamzeFilmed by: Tito HamzeEdited … Read More

Using SpaceX Spaceships to Travel on Earth | Crunch Report

Elon Musk plans to use SpaceX spaceships for travel on Earth, Apple has quietly acquired Regaind and South Korea decides to ban ICOs. All this on Crunch Report.

WeTravel Payments Platform | Disrupt SF 2017

WeTravel is a payment platform that helps travel organizers create a one stop experience for their clients. Find out more about Disrupt SF:

Hopper debuts ‘Flex Watch,’ a personalized flight deal finder for flexible travel dates

Hopper, the intelligent travel app that has made finding affordable flights a lot easier, is today rolling out a new feature called Flex Watch, which will send you recommendations about flight deals in a highly personalized manner. Today, most travel booking … Read More

Building a business in Cuba without Internet | Disrupt NY 2017

Bernardo Romero Gonzalez (Cubazon), Diana Elianne Benitez Perera (Knales), and Carlos Manuel García Vergara (Kewelta) talk to John Biggs about the nuances of burgeoning entrepreneurialism in Cuba. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch Disrupt is the world’s leading authority in … Read More