Crunch Report | Snapchat Halloween Costume

Crunch Report | Snapchat Halloween Costume 11 minutes ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze This ultra-cute tiny PS4 controller is a great option for children and the small-handed 3 hours ago by Devin Coldewey MongoDB prices its IPO at $24 per share 3 hours … Read More

HQ Trivia, New App from Vine Founders | Crunch Report

The former founders of Vine release their new app, “HQ Trivia,” Alphabet is looking to turn Toronto into a model smart city and Magic Leap raises $502 million. All this on Crunch Report.

Bitcoin Passes $5,000 | Crunch Report

Bitcoin is now valued at more than $5,000 a coin, DJI releases a new interchangeable lens series for drones, Google gets rid of the Home Mini touch function and Hyperloop One takes on big investment from Virgin and renames to … Read More

RIP Windows Phone | Crunch Report

Rest in peace, Windows phone, GV invests $20 million into GitLab and Cruise buys Strobe. All this on Crunch Report!

Crunch Report | AOL Instant Messenger Is Shutting Down

Crunch Report | AOL Instant Messenger Is Shutting Down 15 minutes ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze PSA: Don’t share your old AIM screen name 3 hours ago by Taylor Hatmaker Kaspersky hearing with House committee set for late October 4 hours ago by … Read More

Crunch Report | Google’s Big Ol’ Hardware Day

Crunch Report | Google’s Big Ol’ Hardware Day 20 minutes ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze Instagram Stories launches cross-posting to Facebook Stories 2 hours ago by Josh Constine Can Google’s AI-powered Clips make people care about lifelogging? 2 hours ago by Brian Heater … Read More

Is This Tesla’s Electric Truck? | Crunch Report

Missouri is getting serious about Hyperloop, could this be Tesla’s all-electric truck?, and the Waymo/Uber trial gets delayed. All this on Crunch Report.

Crunch Report | Using SpaceX Spaceships to Travel on Earth

Today’s Stories  SpaceX plans to use spaceships for Earth passenger transit Apple quietly acquired computer vision startup Regaind First China, now South Korea has banned ICOs Credits Written by: Tito Hamze, John Mannes, Jessica ScottHosted by: Tito HamzeFilmed by: Tito HamzeEdited … Read More

From Electric Vacuum to Electric Car | Crunch Report

Vimeo acquires live streaming platform Livestream, Dyson is working on an electric car and Equifax CEO retires following huge data breach. All this on Crunch Report.

Crunch Report | Apple’s Siri Embraces Google

JD X taps Nvidia for drone deliveries, rescue and agricultural use 4 minutes ago by Darrell Etherington Crunch Report | Apple’s Siri Embraces Google 5 minutes ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze Nvidia picks up Alibaba and Huawei as partners for smart city platform … Read More