Plan9 Launchpad 11: Meet the 10 shortlisted startups

Plan9, the PITB-run startup incubator, has shortlisted 10 startups for its upcoming incubation cycle as the Launchpad11 concludes. The startup incubation and mentorship program run by Pakistan’s Information Technology Board has shortlisted 10 startups after its flagship startup pitching competition ended yesterday. Widely known as the Launchpad, the event started on 25th January and continued […]

Samsung beats Intel to become the world’s largest chipmaker by revenue

Intel’s 25-year dominance as the world’s largest chipset seller has ended. Intel, the largest chipmaking company based in America has been defeated by South Korean electronics giant Samsung in its own play. Samsung has announced record-breaking $50 billion profit for the year 2017, and fourth quarter record with $14.1 billion earned largely from selling marked-up […]

Govt asks China-based company to set up solar manufacturing plant in Pakistan

Pakistan has asked the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer to develop a manufacturing plant on its territory. In a meeting which took place last week in Switzerland, the Pakistan’s Prime Mininster Shahid Khaqan Abbasi invited the CEO of Trina to set up an operational plant in Pakistan. The meeting was attended by the high order […]

How to declutter your mind and get organized?

Did you know an average person goes through 70,000 thoughts per day? If you don’t organize these thoughts, they can come in the way of your productivity. Just like our closets, our minds need some tidying up too. There are pretty good chances that your mind is begging to free some headspace. To really declutter […]