AI can now detect Alzheimer’s a decade before the symptoms appear

Researchers have now developed an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that can detect the notorious Alzheimer’s disease about ten years before the human-understandable symptoms appear. A team of researchers at the University of Bari and Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy were … Read More

Cross-platform play may have arrived on Xbox and PlayStation

Players of Epic Games’ Fortnite are reporting cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is functional. … Read More

BMW might permanently replace car keys with Mobile phone apps

Automobile giant BMW hinted that the company might permanently replace car keys with Mobile phones apps. Smartphones have made the lives of humans easy in more than one ways such as if you have a smartphone you don’t have to … Read More

Software company 10Pearls acquires ProQual-IT, a cybersecurity firm

10Pearls, a digital development company based in Washington DC, has acquired ProQual-IT, a cybersecurity and information technology services provider that specializes in biometrics and identity management. 10Pearls has not released an exact figure of the deal. So far we know … Read More

Chinese villagers just built a massive QR Code from trees and it actually works!

Leave it up to the Chinese to show the rest of the world how to be innovative. You might have stumbled upon a few QR codes if you’re a digital citizen. Your Snapchat ghost had a QR code. Your Facebook … Read More

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sets new Steam record with 1.3 million concurrents

The game has knocked Dota 2 off the top spot for most concurrent players online with over 1.3 million. … Read More

Hidden Nintendo Switch game suggests Virtual Console will get motion controls

Analysis of the Switch’s filesystem has revealed a NES golf game, Flog, which includes Joy-Con motion controller support. … Read More

You can now buy railway tickets through JazzCash

JazzCash and Pakistan Railways recently signed an agreement to facilitate the payment of online ticket fees across the country. Customers can now book their tickets online through the Pakistan Railways website or Pakistan Railways Mobile App, after which they would … Read More

Bill Gates thinks an infectious disease is the biggest threat to mankind

You would think that a guy like Bill Gates should probably hold an opinion on Artificial Intelligence being a major threat to mankind. Mind you, he has taken a stance against AI but he just doesn’t think it is the … Read More

Modern Agriculture Equipment Tomato Processing Technology: Automatic Tomato Line from Seed to Table

Modern Agriculture Equipment Tomato Processing: Grape & Cherry Automatic Tomato Line – Tomatoes from Seed to the Table. Planting tomatoes, automatic tractor harvester for picking, gathering and harvesting tomatoes, automatic Tomato line, transportation, sorting and can packaging. Videos from Italy, … Read More