Google’s AI helped NASA to find another planet in Kepler-90’s orbit

We can’t claim our solar system is unique anymore. Nasa has found another planet revolving around a distant star Kepler-90, which makes their solar system another largest solar system discovered till yet. All hail Google AI, that helped in the … Read More

Traffic of tech giants like Facebook, Google suspiciously redirected to Russia briefly

Internet traffic to some of the big tech company’s site was briefly redirected to Russia earlier this week. This appears to be a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) attack on the sites. Sites of tech firms including the likes of Facebook, … Read More

Identities stolen for fake net neutrality comments

Debate on net neutrality in the US has been a hell of a mess during the past weeks. As for now, 2 million identities were stolen to leave fake comments in support of the FCC’s decision to kill net neutrality, … Read More

FCC Kills Net Neutrality | Crunch Report

The FCC kills net neutrality, Snapchat launches Lens Studio and Squarespace reportedly raises $200 million. All this on Crunch Report.

Microsoft is thinking about bringing Xbox party chat to mobile

Microsoft is beta testing Xbox Live Party Chat features on smartphones. … Read More

Highlights from Disrupt Berlin 2017

Highlights from Disrupt Berlin 2017

Intelligent Technology Smart Farming Automatic Cow Milking Machine Washing Feeding Cleaning Breeding

Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Automatic cow and goat feeding machine, automatic cow milking machine, modern technology, transportaition, conveyor. Calves feeder, robot, device for the distribution of animal feed, silage, hay, straw. Cleaning of dirt on the farm, disinfection, … Read More

This Pakistani Student made a gadget to help visually impaired people

A Pakistani student from Peshawar has created a device that would be helpful for an overlooked group of visually impaired people which includes blind, partially blind, color blind or people with complex eye diseases. The device called ‘Sonic eye’ can … Read More

5G will account for 40% of network expenditures by 2025

The telecom industry is anticipating its next breakthrough, the next generation of mobile networks, the 5G technology which is all set to roll out commercially by the year 2020. A new report by SNS Research has come to light which … Read More

Government to issue e-passports for easy and secure travel: Ahsan Iqbal

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has announced that the issuance of e-passport by the passport and immigration office will be started from next year, March 2018. He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of e-passport at the Interior Ministry, Islamabad. Discussing further … Read More