Mobsting collaborative social video creation

Mobsting is a social video creation app that allows anyone to collaboratively create better video content.

TestCard urine test-in-a-postcard

TestCard is the innovative medtech behind the ‘urine test-in-a-postcard’ concept.

Salesflare intelligent CRM

Salesflare is an intelligent CRM that startups love to use. It’s like Pipedrive without all the typing.

Mitte smart water machine

Mitte is revolutionizing the way we drink water at home with our first of its kind smart water machine that harnesses the power of the natural water cycle.

Lightstreams peer-to-peer publishing network

Lightstreams is a peer-to-peer publishing network for all things digital and is owned and regulated by the community, where creators and fans can directly connect in a low cost, fair and open marketplace.

The Peak Beyond smart tables

The Peak Beyond is an interactive media company that develops smart tables for retail that engage and educate consumers in a novel ways, capture sales, collect data, and promote maximum sales flow and efficiency.

Nofence AS solar-powered GPS animal collar

Nofence gives animals access to good, varied pasture lands via a solar-powered GPS collar and a digital map.

Treedy’s 3D body scanning

Treedy’s is a Belgian 3D body scanning technology provider with ties to leading machine learning researchers and companies. livestock management app

On you can buy, own and trade livestock via your smartphone and support farmers in Africa.

WORKERBASE industrial smartwatch

WORKERBASE offers the first smartwatch specifically designed for industrial use with manufacturing apps connecting to an IoT backend.