The Benjamins | Down Round E2

In our second episode, “The Benjamins,” we explore these questions and ask how much “tech gold” is left in the hills of Silicon Valley. Where does venture capital come from and where does it go? Why are companies staying private longer, and what is the secondary market? How do startups go from seed stage to […]

Why NEA Makes Makes Seed Investments | Ask A VC with Jon Sakoda

NEA partner Jon Sakoda talks about why NEA’s $2.6 billion fund makes seed investments and how the firm approaches these investments in founders. Sakoda also gave us his thoughts on where the next wave of innovation will take place with large-scale data processing. Subscribe to TechCrunch today:

Inside The Storenvy Pop-Up Shop

Storenvy, the online marketplace that lets independent merchants sell their wares in their own digital storefronts, is one of a number of web companies that’s making a reverse commute of sorts — bringing their web businesses into meatspace. Colleen Taylor visits the now permanent pop-up shop in San Francisco that hosts Storenvy’s vendors in monthly […]

MemSQL’s Eric Frenkiel on Building an Enterprise Product | Founder Stories

For this week’s Founder Stories, Mike Abbott sat down with Eric Frenkiel, founder of MemSQL, to compare notes on starting enterprise software startups. After being accepted as one of Y Combinator’s first enterprise-focused startups, Eric and his co-founder built the now 14-person company in stealth and officially launched MemSQL, a database for real-time analytics, in […]

Financial Planning Platform SigFig Gets $15M In Series B Funding

SigFig, the startup that operates a web platform for tracking and analyzing your personal financial investments, has secured $15 million in a new funding round. SigFig’s co-founder and CEO Mike Sha told reporter Colleen Taylor that the money will be put toward growing out SigFig’s reach through additional partnerships — deals inked over the past […]

How Young Girls Are 3 Years Ahead In The Race To Innovate | Keen On…

Tara Chklovski is the founder and CEO of Iridescent, a remarkable Google funded non-profit dedicated to encouraging young women’s innovation in technology. Iridescent manages the world’s largest program of its kind — currently hosting 3,157 girls in its organization. The girls are from 45 different countries as diverse as Yemen, Brazil, India and Nigeria. Their […]

Eniac Ventures Closes $100 Million Fund

Eniac Ventures has closed a $100 million fun for seed-stage investments. We Talked to the partners about what they plan to invest in. TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: