Facebook introduces a new food ordering feature

Facebook continues to bring new and interesting features to keep its users happy and engaged. It has introduced a new feature called “Order Food” which lets you order the food from local restaurants. People already use Facebook to get different … Read More

Twitter adds a new feature for sports lovers

Twitter is adding more features at a fairly fast pace to keep its users engaging and active. In the latest attempt, Twitter added a new feature which will let you see tweets related popular sports matches. The new feature is … Read More

Snapchat CEO does not like the Facebook’s famous moto

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel does not like the Facebook’s famous motto and business rule “”move fast and break things.” Mark Zuckerberg’s famous motto is popular even outside the tech industry. And the reason behind that is the TV shows like … Read More

Twitter will soon let you save Tweets by bookmarking them

Twitter is finally going to introduce a feature which will let you save a Tweet by bookmarking it. It was a long due feature and it is strange that Twitter took it this long to implement. Until now, users only … Read More

Youtube bans videos showing guns’ modification after Vegas incident

In the wake of the brutal killings by shooting in Las Vegas, YouTube has decided to ban videos presenting modifying tools for guns to fire more rapidly. YouTube is now removing videos which are showing how to fire weapons faster … Read More

Facebook introduces a new button to fight fake news

Facebook, in a bid to make the users more aware, has introduced a new button on its platform. The button will live on top of articles shared on Facebook and will provide context to the readers so that they are … Read More

Details of Snapchat augmented reality platform leaked ahead of launch

Snapchat is launching its augmented reality art platform tomorrow but curious software engineers couldn’t wait and found a way to bypass the official countdown. Now the details of the augmented reality platform are out in the open for everyone to … Read More

Mark Zuckerberg asks for forgiveness

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg asks for forgiveness for how his work was used to divide people. Mark Zuckerberg has taken his own platform to seek forgiveness for how his work had been used to divide people. The social media post … Read More

Facebook to develop facial recognition for unlocking accounts, following Apple’s lead

Apple’s Face ID is one of the most talked about feature in the upcoming iPhone X. Now following the lead, Facebook is also working on one such feature to help users unlock accounts in special cases when they are locked … Read More

Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success | Keen On…

If you want to learn how to promote yourself, read Dan Schawbel’s CrunchBase entry. Alternatively, you could read Schawbel’s new book, entitled appropriately enough, Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success. The 29 year-old Schawbel is the Managing Partner … Read More