iPhone SE, 9.7-Inch iPad Available for Rs. 15,000, and More (Feb 9, 2018)

In Today’s 360 Daily – → iPhone SE, 9.7-Inch iPad Now Available for Rs. 15,000 – https://goo.gl/QY9sdJ → Xiaomi Launches One-Day Delivery Service in India – https://goo.gl/Vg2cE3 → Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Have a Headphone Jack → Apple HomePods Goes on Sale – https://goo.gl/mvubMQ → Nasa’s New Horizons Captures the Farthest Image From Earth – […]

5 things we absolutely loved at the Lahore Science Mela

The second Lahore Science Mela kicked off at Ali Institute of education on 27th and 28th January. The event was temporary science museum of sorts which welcomed the people of Lahore to explore the scientific discoveries and milestones in Pakistan. At this grand celebration of science, the Khwarizmi Science Society and Ali Institute of Education […]

Research into full-body tracking at Facebook hints at broader AR/VR ambitions

It’s no secret that Facebook is big on both AR and VR, both for entertainment and communication purposes. And new research suggests it is working on AR applications that could not just modify or replace your face, but your entire body. A blog post today has the AI Camera Team showing off a bit of […]

LUMS Psifi comes to an end, Aitchison College bags the trophy

After delivering an exhilarating experience to the delegates on the first, second and third day, LUMS Psifi has finally ended. The event has been full of moments that are likely to be immersed in the participants’ minds forever. Starting from the fun in Vined Up to the gaming sessions inside the delegate lounge set up […]

The science behind the magical Doctor Strange

TechCrunch met with the scientific advisor on Dr. Strange to talk about how magic will be introduced into the science-based Marvel universe. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: http://bit.ly/18J0X2e TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

13 Amazing Inventions That’ll Change Your Life

Technological development is changing the world at an incredible pace they say. We’ve chosen the most mind-boggling brand new inventions! Also, you’ll find a slightly worrying yet riveting bonus at the end. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz —————————————————————————————- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  —————————————————————————————- For more videos and […]


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