Clipping out cancer with Caribou Biosciences | Disrupt NY 2017

Rachel Haurwitz of Caribou Biosciences talks to Sarah Buhr about what CRISPR makes possible, the ongoing IP battle over the tech, and the current regulatory environment. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch Disrupt is the world’s leading authority in debuting … Read More

Homework Apps

Katie Roof takes a look at 3 homework apps to help you get good grades this school year!

3 things science says you should do to become happy

People spend years chasing happiness, only to learn the hard way that it wasn’t where they thought it was. They assume career success, riches, retirement or that the perfect relationship will bring the happiness they’ve always wanted. In the process, … Read More

Laurene Powell Jobs and Ron Conway: Help Our Fellow Americans | Disrupt SF 2017

Laurene Powell Jobs of Emerson Collective and SV Angel’s Ron Conway sit down to discuss their views on immigration reform and make an impassioned plea in defense of DREAMers. Find out more about Disrupt SF here:

Jammy Guitar | Disrupt SF 2017

Jammy Guitar is an extremely portable guitar that lets you rock out anywhere without a device. Find out more about Disrupt SF:

Tech Behind NASA’s Juno Probe

The Juno probe has just made its long-awaited rendezvous with Jupiter, kicking off 20 months of unprecedented planetary science. We cornered the mission’s principal investigator, Southwest Research Institute’s Scott Bolton, during a briefing at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory — and … Read More

Quick-charging battery startup StoreDot gets $60M on $500M valuation led by Daimler

As we continue to see a proliferation of wireless connected devices make their way into the mainstream consumer electronics market, there has been growing attention on a key issue that will be central to making all these devices work: efficient … Read More

Stanford’s New Biolab for Medtech Startups

StartX, the nonprofit accelerator program spun out of Stanford University, is opening a biotech laboratory in conjunction with QB3, the institute focused on molecular biology research at the University of California. The StartX-QB3 Labs consist of a 2,000-foot lab space … Read More

Red Whittaker Leads Team in Google’s Lunar X Prize Contest

John was able to get an inside look at Team Astrobotic’s Lunar “Red Rover” in a quick conversation with Carnegie Mellon University robotics pioneer William “Red” Whittaker. Plan on following it’s progress in competition June of 2015. Subscribe to TechCrunch … Read More


Hyperloop One just completed phase two of its full-scale Hyperloop system tests, achieving record speed and distance. The company’s super speed transit pod managed to go nearly the entire length of Hyperloop One’s test track in the Nevada desert, gliding … Read More