South Korea, Italy also calling out Apple for slowing iPhones

Apple continues to get into hot water over a power management feature that throttles performance on older iPhones to avoid unexpected battery shutdowns. A South Korean consumer group has now filed a complaint, though it’s not clear whether the complaint … Read More

Apple faces 32 class action lawsuits over admitting to throttling older iPhones

And those are only the suits filed in the US, rest assured there are several others. Apple has been throttling the performance of older iPhones via software updates, since 2016, and interestingly it admitted to that. After facing a strong … Read More

N.O.V.A. 3 Review & Cheat: Geiler geht nicht!

Kurztest und cheat von “N.O.V.A.3 (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance)” | | Download cheat: Instructions (unlimited Bullet and Grenade): Download then backup existing file ‘nova3’ in var/mobile/applications/nova3/ and overwrite using the cheat via iFile or iFunbox Twitter: Facebook: … Read More

Test: Apple iPhone 5s vs 5c (Deutsch) | mobile-reviews

Ausführlicher Test des Apple iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c (Deutsch) mit Infinity Blade III: Kauflink bei,25272,28175-_,00.html facebook:

Apple CEO: iPhone owners will be able to monitor the health of the battery

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company will release an update for the users of iPhone that will allow them to have “visibility of the health of their iPhone’s battery.” Apple has been facing over two dozen lawsuits … Read More

Apple asked to respond to China consumer group about slowing older iPhones

Apple is now facing questions about how it slows down older iPhones in China. The Xinhua state news agency reported yesterday that the Shanghai Consumer Council has written to Apple asking it to explain the performance hit and any remedies … Read More

Carbon ROM For Nexus 5

This is my full review on Carbon ROM Android 4.4.2 For Nexus 5 and its also my first custom ROM Review On Nexus 5. Hopefully i will do more ROM Reviews soon So SUBSCRIBE!.

iPhone’s battery exploded at yet another Apple Store

Just yesterday we reported about an iPhone 6s Plus battery explosion at an Apple store in Zurich and we are here with a new report coming from Apple Store in Valencia, Spain, where smoke started coming out of an iPhone, … Read More

Senator John Thune has some questions for Apple

A top U.S. lawmaker, Republican Sen. John Thune, has penned a letter to Apple with further questions about slowing older models of the iPhone via Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. Senator Thune, Chair of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, … Read More

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.3.1 vs iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4 – Which is Faster?

Im using Carbon ROM 4.3.1 for the galaxy S2 so i decided to check out how fast it is as compared to the iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4. Check out my channel for awesome videos and Dont forget to Subscribe.