iPhone X sold out in 3 minutes in this country

iPhone X is one of the hottest phones right now and wherever it launched, it sold out in a few hours. The company started pre-orders of the phone in South Korea yesterday and it sold out in less than 3 … Read More

iPhone X beats Samsung and Google in terms of repeat purchases

The top selling product of Apple, it’s latest anniversary flagship iPhone X which has already broken all preorders records is all set to smash its competitors. A new report from Sailthru reveals that Phone X users are driving 10 times … Read More

iOS 11.1.2 fixes the cold weather input bug on the iPhone X

issues which also affected its adoption rate. Recently, iPhone X faced an issue where its screen stopped responding in cold weather conditions. I know that sounds unbelievable for a $1000 phone but it is true. Some users reported that the … Read More

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo vs iPhone X – Speed Test! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo vs iPhone X Speed test. ►► Please Subscribe for Daily Tech Videos – http://goo.gl/wj6RxI ►Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: ★US: http://amzn.to/2jjxfjx ►►Join me on social media! ★TWITTER: http://twitter.com/xeetechcare ★INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/xeetechcare ★FACEBOOK: … Read More

This 10-year-old child can fool Face ID of her mother’s iPhone X

A family from Staten Island, New York posted a YouTube video showing a 10-year-old boy unlocking his mom’s new iPhone X with Face ID. The family posted a video of the facial-recognition test they conducted yesterday on YouTube. Ammar Malik … Read More

35 of the best iPhone X cases you can get on Ali Express

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iOS 11.2 is going to support faster 7.5W Qi wireless charging

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all support wireless charging using the Qi standard. It means that iPhones are now compatible with hundreds of chargers out there. But iPhone Qi charging is currently limited to 5W, or … Read More

5 reasons why Pixel 2 is better than iPhone X

Both Pixel 2 and iPhone X are one of the best phones of 2017 and even 2018. Both phones offer some unique features that no other phone does and both phones have their own pros and cons. Pixel 2 runs … Read More

Apple to launch 3 new iPhones in 2018 including an affordable iPhone X

Apple will reportedly launch 3 new iPhone devices in 2018. iPhone X has been a great success this year and its demand has been so high that it is still out of stock from most of the online stores until … Read More

You probably don’t need to worry about someone hacking your iPhone X’s Face ID with a mask

Touted as the iPhone X’s new flagship form of device security, Face ID is a natural target for hackers. Just a week after the device’s release, Vietnamese research team Bkav claims to have cracked Apple’s facial recognition system using a replica … Read More