World Coolest Special Mega Machines Heavy Equipment Tunnel Cleaning, Road Plow, Saws, Mowers, Cranes

An exciting compilation of the world’s most cool special equipment. Washing of tunnels with giant special equipment, sweeping, watering polishers, brushes. Circular saws, trimmers, lawn mowers, shredders for pruning trees, bushes, grass and vines. Machines cleaners, grinders, trucks with cranes … Read More

Modern Agriculture Equipment Tomato Processing Technology: Automatic Tomato Line from Seed to Table

Modern Agriculture Equipment Tomato Processing: Grape & Cherry Automatic Tomato Line – Tomatoes from Seed to the Table. Planting tomatoes, automatic tractor harvester for picking, gathering and harvesting tomatoes, automatic Tomato line, transportation, sorting and can packaging. Videos from Italy, … Read More

Epic World Modern Technology Automatic Cow Shoeing and Cleaning Mega Machines Heavy Equipment

Cow is tied up neatly and placed on a special machine. Specialist secures the hoof, and washes them. Then a professional cleans the hoof using grinders and other tools. After the procedure, the cow is lowered to the ground and … Read More

World Amazing Modern Latest Intelligent Technology Heavy Equipment Mega Machines Construction CNC

World Amazing Modern Latest Intelligent Technology Heavy Equipment Mega Machines, CNC. Agriculture, production, construction, mechanical engineering and renovation. Spraying of aircraft wing, excavator concrete pipes wreck, wood chipper, modern snow removal, powerful crane, dumper, truck, trencher, ditcher, excavator, harvester, loader, … Read More

Sexy Girls and Log Splitter, Chainsaw, Circular Saw. New Technologies Chopping Wood Mega Machines

What makes life easier – Sexy Girls and Log Splitter, Chainsaw, Circular Saw, Mega Machines, Wood Tractor, Harvester, Timber Truck etc. New Technologies of Chopping Wood. Compilation of a variety of devices, machines and accessories for chopping and cutting wood. … Read More

World Amazing Modern Agriculture Equipment Mega Machines: Sexy Girls Christmas Tractor New Year

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Mutant Horse Power Mating Breeding Foal Playing Training with Cows and Bulls Competitions Pony

Video about the life of horses. Horses-mutants, breeding of horses, crossing, mating, games of foals, training with cows and bulls, competitions, ponies and much more. Video from USA and Europe – Romania, Germany, Austria, etc. Mutant Horse Power, Horses Mating, … Read More

Intelligent Technology Modern Cow & Pig Transportation Mega Machine Carriers Trucks Oversize Load

Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Modern cows transportation machines, Modern pigs transportation machines, farm, latest technology. Cow feeding – hay bales, straw, silage. World Amazing Modern Agriculture Equipment and Mega Machines. Videos from Germany, Austria, India and others. Watch! … Read More

Primitive Technology vs World Modern Automatic Cow Milking Mega Machine Feeding Breeding Cleaning

Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Modern technologies vs Primitive Technology milk production, Breeding. Automatic cow feeding machine, farm, automatic cow milking machine, latest technology. Calves feeder, robot, device for the distribution of animal feed, silage, hay, straw. Bull fight. … Read More

Primitive Technology vs World Modern Agriculture Progress Mega Machines Tractor and Sexy Girls

World amazing modern agriculture equipment and mega machines vs primitive technology. Tractors, harvesters, ditcher, trencher, mower, reaper, loader, truck, plow, sod Installer, devices and machines for collecting potato, cabbage, corn, rice and other plants. Agriculture equipment, animal calf feeding and … Read More