The Next Disruptions in Health Tech | Ask a VC

Kevin Spain, who has led investments in the LinkedIn for physicians Doximity, and social health management platform Welltok, talked about where he sees some of the next disruptions in the health tech world. He also sees potential in applications using … Read More

Thrive Capital’s Josh Kushner On Change Health Insurance With Oscar

Last week, we sat down with Thrive Capital founder Josh Kushner to talk about his venture into the healthcare industry through the launch of Oscar. Kushner co-founded Oscar to take on the world of health insurance, and to actually create … Read More

Oxsight is a vision aid for the blind

OxSight is testing augmented reality glasses to help the visually-impaired recognize and navigate objects in their environment. Think of it as a hearing aide for the blind. OxSight is a potential replacement for canes and seeing eye dogs. Read more: … Read More

Kinova Robotics | TechCrunch Makers

This episode takes us north of the border into Montreal, Quebec where Kinova Robotics aims to change the world through robots. Originally inspired by co-Founder Charles Deguire’s uncle who invented wheelchair add-ons to aid his Muscular Dystrophy, the JACO and … Read More

Replenish is a self-cleaning smoothie machine

It works in a pretty simple way. All you do is pick a pod, pop it in the machine and Replenish does the rest. It even claims to be self-cleaning so you don’t get the normal mess after smoothie-making. Read … Read More

Being Fat Is NOT OKAY…Deal With It.

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Motiv’s fitness tracking ring

Motiv’s titanium-encased wearable can do a lot. It tracks sleep and fitness, including steps, calories and distance. It also somehow manages to pack in an optical heart rate sensor, all while boasting a battery life of three to five days … Read More

Apple reportedly in talks with Aetna to bring the Apple Watch to millions of customers

Apple and Aetna have held several secret meetings to discuss offering the Apple Watch to Aetna’s 23 million customers, according to CNBC. These meetings, held on Thursday and Friday of last week in Southern California, reportedly involved top executives from both … Read More

Apple appears to be working on a yoga workout mode for Apple Watch

 News continues to leak out about what’s new in iPhone 8 and most of those rumors seem to be coming from a leaked iOS release related to the HomePod speaker. Something else we were tipped to in that same file … Read More

Apple and Cochlear team up to roll out the first implant made for the iPhone

 Apple has teamed up with Australian-based Cochlear to bring iPhone users the first made for iPhone Cochlear implant. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in June, Cochlear’s Nucleus 7 Sound Processor can now stream sound directly from a compatible … Read More