FC Barcelona’s social media accounts hacked, announce signing Angel Di Maria

The famous football club’s social media accounts were hacked early hours today. Both the Facebook and Twitter handles were reportedly hijacked by a notorious hacker group, OurMine. After taking down the club’s social media accounts, OurMine started posting fake status … Read More

Disrupt NY 2013 Hackathon Winner: ‘Rambler’

Rambler, created by William Hockey, Zach Perret and Michael Kelly, is a web app that lets users view their credit and debit card transactions on a map. During the dev process, the team tapped the Foursquare API for locations and … Read More

This 17-years old hacked into the US Air Force

A 17-years old high school student was able to hack into the United States Air Force after finding some critical vulnerabilities through a bug-bounty program as offered by the US Department of Defence. The US Air Force has outed the … Read More

Police want to hire the hacker they arrested for data theft

Police have been left so impressed by the hacking skills of a guy they arrested for data theft that they now want to hire him. Just a few days ago, Bangalore police arrested a guy named Abhinav Srivastava who was … Read More