Founder Spotlight: Tala’s Shivani Siroya | Disrupt NY 2017

Mike Butcher talks with Tala’s Shivani Siroya about reinventing credit for underserved populations and what it means to her. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch Disrupt is the world’s leading authority in debuting revolutionary startups, introducing game-changing technologies and discussing … Read More

Google needs to pay Apple a small fortune to remain the default search engine on iOS

Apple and Google could be the biggest frenemies in tech. While they both compete like there’s no tomorrow, they also partner on some very specific deals. For instance, Google is paying a ton of money to remain the default search … Read More

GoCardless Makes Debit Payments Easy in the UK

GoCardless is a Y Combinator alum which created a simple way for online businesses to set up and accept direct debit payments. Why is this important, I hear you ask? Well, out there in the rest of the world, recurring … Read More

NerdWallet’s ‘Nerd Lair’ | TC Cribs

Co-founder and COO Jacob Gibson led the way for our long-overdue look around NerdWallet HQ. Their office is a beautifully designed space furnished with pyramids of Diet Coke, “Nerding” rooms, and monkey bars for impromptu pull-up competitions. TechCrunch Cribs showcases … Read More

Investing Made Easy With These Apps

Katie Roof runs down three of the best apps for tracking and your managing your stock portfolio. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking … Read More

Snap founders won’t sell shares despite plummeting price

Snap has an awful Q2 earnings report…but at least its dancing AR hot dog was viewed 1.5 billion times. To prove their confidence, co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy have agreed not to sell any shares this year, and the … Read More

Blue Apron is having a really bad day

Things are not going so well for Blue Apron this morning after reporting its second-quarter earnings (its first earnings report ever), and the stock is crashing as a result of it. The company’s stock is down more than 14% on … Read More

Snap’s earnings this week will once again test its place in the advertising universe

 Snap will report its second earnings report this week, which will once again look to answer the question: is there room on the advertising spectrum for Snap? The answer during its last earnings report (its first as a public company) … Read More

How Apple could become a $1 trillion company

 Apple reported its earnings this week, and with a surprisingly positive report the shares spiked again as Apple signaled a potential huge iPhone release. With that jump, Apple’s market cap is now over $800 billion. This year alone, shares of … Read More

Longtime enterprise exec Quentin Clark joins Dropbox as SVP of Engineering, Product, and Design

 As Dropbox slowly gears up toward its initial public offering, it’s bringing on a longtime enterprise executive — Quentin Clark, a former VP of Microsoft as well as SAP CTO — as head of its very-long-title-where-he-will-oversee-a-ton-of-things. His official title is … Read More