Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ gets approval from FCC

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, the anticipated beasts of 2018 by the South Korean company have been appearing in numerous rumors and leaks and it is just about the time that we start looking for something concrete. As the legit … Read More

Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s #NetNeutrality Bill Is A Joke. Don’t Fall For It…

Lawmaker Marsha Blackburn is introducing legislation entitled the “Open Internet Preservation Act”. Sound great right? Too bad it offers virtually no extra protections and will give ISPs free reign over the internet. We need Net Neutrality reinstated. No compromises. Subscribe … Read More

I Condemn Anonymous’ Doxxing Of Ajit Pai

Anonymous has released the information of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. I usually support many of Anonymous’ causes, but I wholeheartedly condemn releasing the personal information of Chairman Pai and his family members. I am all for the fight for democracy, … Read More

Ajit Pai Is A Corrupt Piece Of Garbage #SaveNetNeutrality

Yesterday, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai officially gutted Net Neutrality. This alone would be bad enough, but Ajit Pai also felt the need to pour salt in the wound with his TERRIBLE Daily Caller video. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great … Read More

Keep your cell phones away from your body, Warning from Public Health Department

The California Department of Public Health (CPDH) has issued a warning about the hazards of cell phones radiation. Cellphones had become the basic means of communication in the society. These cell phones have revolutionized the communication in the 21st century. … Read More

Identities stolen for fake net neutrality comments

Debate on net neutrality in the US has been a hell of a mess during the past weeks. As for now, 2 million identities were stolen to leave fake comments in support of the FCC’s decision to kill net neutrality, … Read More

FCC Kills Net Neutrality | Crunch Report

The FCC kills net neutrality, Snapchat launches Lens Studio and Squarespace reportedly raises $200 million. All this on Crunch Report.

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Net Neutrality advocates plan protests for December 7 at Verizon stores

On December 14, the FCC will vote on whether or not to roll back Obama-era policies protecting a free and open internet. In fact, during yesterday’s announcement of the upcoming vote, the FCC neglected to mention the historic 22 million … Read More