Whodat’s Origin markerless AR

Whodat is working on Origin – a context aware markerless AR SDK for smartphones and wearables.

iComply ICO/Token compliance

iComply ICO is a platform for ICO/Token compliance that automates legal processes in order to legitimize ICO Securities as an emerging financial instrument.

Roomle customizable digital products

Roomle is a technology platform that enables digital products that are fully configurable and purchasable, can be viewed and planned in 3D, VR and AR on mobile and in the Web.

Proof.Work decentralized medical data

Proof puts patients medical data on a decentralized secure platform and ledger for personal ownership, interoperability and a lifetime history of care.

Episode 09 – Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Exits Closer

Michael’s counterintuitive approach to venture consumes the industry. David is caught on camera questioning Michael’s investments. The Bessemer Venture Partners partnership issues an ultimatum. David’s long overdue confrontation with Michael is undermined by a familiar figure.

Elon Musk plans to send a sports car to Mars on its Falcon Heavy rocket

Elon Musk is all set to send the first human settlers to Mars by 2024. The billionaire who is also famous for his futuristic claims is now planning to put his personal Tesla into Mars’ orbit. The CEO of SpaceX … Read More

Blue Apron loses its CEO | Crunch Report

Boring Company bids on a Chicago project, Blue Apron loses its CEO and GoFundMe drops its 5% fee. All this on Crunch Report.

Elon Musk created Bitcoin? A former SpaceX employee believes

Many of us still don’t believe that Satoshi Nakamoto was a Japanese person who designed the paper for describing cryptocurrency. Well, for those who think that there must be a computer science expert behind the development of this dominated cryptocurrency, … Read More

Elon Musk warns back-flipping robot could be the apocalypse for humanity

Recently we reported about a robot Atlas, owned by Boston Dynamics, a very popular robot company which has enhanced capabilities of its robot that it can do backflips now. The new advancement comes as a surprise for the famed tech … Read More

Tesla Model 3

The first ever production Tesla Model 3 has rolled off Tesla’s assembly line and into the possession of its owner – Elon Musk himself. The first pre-order customer gifted Musk his place in the queue as a birthday present, making … Read More