Facebook will teach the unemployed digital/social media skills in 30 cities

Whether it’s to “bring the world closer together” or improve its public image, Facebook today announced Community Boost. It’s a program travelling to 30 cities around the U.S. in 2018 that will teach digital job skills to the unemployed, Internet … Read More

Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Code’ initiative expands to colleges and universities outside of the US

Apple is taking its coding course international after it announced that 20 college and university partners worldwide will begin offering the Everyone Can Code initiative to students. Initially limited to the U.S., the course is designed by Apple engineers and educators … Read More

20 of the hardest job interview questions Google has asked

If you were asked to name 5 companies you dreamt about working for, I’m guessing Google would be your first choice nine times out of ten. The global techgiant, founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, has made … Read More

TechJuice is now accepting nominations for 25 Under 25, 2018

Pakistan is brimming with young, zealous people who are channeling their positive energies towards creating innovative solutions for our most pressing issues. At TechJuice, we have always taken pride in promoting Pakistan’s extraordinary youth who are accomplishing tough milestones against … Read More

This Pakistani student has developed a full-blown IDE for Assembly language

If you are a Computer Science student like me, no matter how much time has passed, the memories and pain of trying to learn and code Assembly language might still be vivid in your memory. After going through a similar … Read More

Blue Canoe takes on language learning with a focus on pronunciation

If you want to pick up a new language, there’s no shortage of options, and free ones of that. But one aspect of the process that has been neglected is pronunciation, which is an especially important part of it for … Read More

Stephen Hawking’s Ph.D. thesis is available for everyone online

Stephen Hawking, the famed scientist for his research on relativity and black holes, has allowed open access to his 1966 doctoral thesis “Properties of expanding universes” over the internet. The thesis comprised of 134 pages was written by Stephen when … Read More

GitHub’s scandalized ex-CEO returns with Chatterbug

Translation earbuds might eliminate some utilitarian reasons to know a language, but if you want to understand jokes, read poetry, or fall in love in a foreign tongue, you’ll have to actually learn it. Unfortunately, products like Rosetta Stone leave … Read More

Is going to graduate school worth it?

For some people, making the jump from undergrad to an advanced degree is a no-brainer – they probably have their minds set on becoming a doctor or a lawyer, professions that make grad school a necessity. Other professions, however, require … Read More

Does Higher Education Have a Future? | Disrupt SF 2013

California’s Lt. Govornor Gavin Newsom and Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun discuss the future of higher education. Subscribe to TechCrunch Today: http://bit.ly/18J0X2e Watch more from Disrupt SF 2013: http://bit.ly/1cYXBuV TechCrunch Disrupt is one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year. From … Read More