Bitcoin Passes $5,000 | Crunch Report

Bitcoin is now valued at more than $5,000 a coin, DJI releases a new interchangeable lens series for drones, Google gets rid of the Home Mini touch function and Hyperloop One takes on big investment from Virgin and renames to … Read More

Real Talk From GoPro’s Nick Woodman at CES 2017

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman talks to Matt Burns about their recent difficulties, product vision, and the health of the business. Read more: TechCrunch is streaming live from the CES all week covering ‘must see’ gadgets and hardware news. Subscribe … Read More

Parrot Jumping Sumo Minidrone Preview

A look at Parrot’s new leaping robot, the Jumping Sumo smartphone-controlled drone. The Jumping Sumo’s ability to propel itself forward and up to platforms is impressive, and seems like it could generate a lot of fun in outdoor environments with … Read More

Hover Camera is a follow drone for selfies

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DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter

DJI is the leader in drones and the company just introduced a radical new model. The Inspire 1 builds upon the success of the Phantom and integrates some of the magic found in the firm’s professional-level drones, including the ability … Read More

Star Wars Force Friday Sneak Peek

We got an early look at a handful of toys that’ll be announced at Force Friday, the day Disney debuts all of the stuff they’re building for the next Star Wars movie. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch is a … Read More

A Day at the Drone Races

Drone Racing is a competitive sport that puts pilots in the driver seat of their custom rigs with a first person view of the action. *Featuring* SFPV – FlyingBear – m0ke – Zoefpv – Aerial Sports … Read More

MIT’s Jungle Hawk Owl Drone

MIT engineers have launched the Jungle Hawk Owl drone from the back of a car. This was the first flight for the 24-foot-wide drone, which the team says can stay in the air for five days on a single tank … Read More

DJI Phantom 4 Drone: Unboxing, Initial Setup and Quick Demonstration

In this video I will do an unboxing of the DJI Phantom 4 Drone. We will also do an initial setup and activation as well as a quick demonstration. ————— FOLLOW ME —————– Follow me on twitter : Follow … Read More

5 Cool Selfie Drones You Must See

People are crazy about taking their selfie and posting on social networks. They could find themselves in trouble with taking a selfie, so we have found a way to take safety. We made a list of 5 the coolest selfie … Read More