Over 500 million PCs are secretly mining cryptocurrency, report

There are multiple ways to get your hands on cryptocurrency, one of the possible ways is ‘Mining‘ which can give you cryptocurrency out of thin air. The miners run a special mining software and take part in processing transactions that … Read More

Russia to launch its own cryptocurrency called ‘CryptoRuble’

Russia has been talking openly about the prospect of creating its own cryptocurrency, and now it seems like the country will turn its words into action. Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed in a closed-door meeting in Moscow that they … Read More

Bitcoin will hit $10,000 in 6 to 10 months, former hedge funder

After a few weeks break, Bitcoin prices have started to rise again and industry experts are speculating where the value will reach before the Bitcoin bubble bursts. A former manager at $72 billion investor Fortress, Michael Novogratz, thinks that the … Read More

This high-tech heater can also mine Ethereum for you

Comino ─ a Russian cryptocurrency startup has introduced a high-tech solution which is aimed for both i.e immobilizing recession and dealing with cold weather too. They have developed a device to mine Ethereum and it also works as a heater. … Read More

Bitcoin reaches an all-time high of $5,000

The past few weeks have been very tough for Bitcoin. China, the hub of Bitcoin exchanges, banned the exchange of Bitcoin. JP Morgan Chase CEO called Bitcoin a fraud and made a series of negative statements about it. Putin remarked … Read More

Abu Dhabi government releases guidelines for Initial Coin Offerings

While Bitcoin and Initial Coin Offering are facing heat in several economies of the world, Abu Dhabi government has gone ahead and released a set of guidelines for people looking to participate or initiate token sales through initial coin offerings. … Read More

Cryptocurrencies bear serious risks and are backing Terrorism; claims Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned exchanges dealing in the cryptocurrency system, saying they might be used for backing terrorism. These cryptocurrencies are often owned by anonymous sources and can be used for money laundering. “In many countries, cryptocurrencies are … Read More

Russia to ban websites offering crypto-currencies

Russia is planning to prevent access to exchange websites which are dealing in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. The decision was made with the consent of Russian Central Bank First Deputy Governor Sergei Shvetsov who calls them doubtful. It has also … Read More

Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban calls cryptocurrency and blockchain the future

American tech billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, popular for his appearances at Shark Tank — business reality show, has claimed that he sees cryptocurrency and blockchain as the future. He was giving an interview to Bloomberg, “…it’s interesting because I think … Read More

Malaysia considering cryptocurrency ban

Malaysia would not rule out a ban on cryptocurrency. Just a few weeks ago we told our readers that Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has hinted that Malaysia will be the next economy to embrace Bitcoin very soon. But … Read More