Bitcoin faced a severe blow, price drops to $11,800 in just two hours

Looks like another big fish has taken out investment. Bitcoin has seen a drop in price by over $1,300 within just two hours. The most dominating cryptocurrency which started its epic bull run last year, with a price below $2,000, … Read More

Ripple partners with MoneyGram to provide quick transactions

Ripple one of the top cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization has partnered with globally renowned payment service MoneyGram. The partnership that was announced yesterday appears to be a significant step forward in modern payment solutions, which are adopting the … Read More

KFC is accepting Bitcoin for fried chicken in this country

As soon as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have started their epic bull run, many large companies are accepting Bitcoins as a legitimate source of funds. These companies allow their online products to be bought with Bitcoin, amongst them, Microsoft, … Read More

Cryptocurrency will have a bad end, Warren Buffet

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Jamie Dimon regrets calling Bitcoin a Fraud

J.P. Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon has reconsidered his prior statements on cryptocurrency. Earlier in September, Dimon called bitcoin a “fraud”. He predicted that the government would “crush” the digital currency and even he would fire his own … Read More

Telegram plans $1.2 billion ICO for chat cryptocurrency

Telegram, a popular messaging service with its 200 million users is planning to launch its own blockchain platform and native cryptocurrency. Telegram is seeking to raise $1.2 billion, according to the sources which have spoken to CoinDesk. According to the … Read More

Kodak announces its own cryptocurrency, stock jumps by 60%

Ever since Bitcoin and altcoins have started their epic bull run, several companies have started jumping on board of these cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms. The latest advancement in this scenario is the announcement of a 130-year old photography and film … Read More

Binance has now reopened registrations for new accounts

Binance, which is one of the most trusted and widely used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world has now again opened registration portal for new users after a temporary closure reported last week. Binance which earlier claimed to be receiving 250,000 … Read More

Bitcoin mining could be seeing its last days in China

To prevent the country from falling short of electricity supply, Chinese govt has moved to take on Bitcoin miners, forcing them to “exit gradually”. The top internet and finance regulator of China, the Leading Group of Internet Financial Risks Remediation … Read More

These 3 crypto exchanges have blocked new account creation temporarily

Bitcoin went volatile last year, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies are following its lead in the current year with an overwhelming boost in price every single day. Increase in prices of cryptos drives the attention of the public, which … Read More