Intelligent Technology Smart Farming Modern Automatic Cow Milking Shoeing Cleaning Transportation

Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Modern automatic cow milking machine. Hoof cleaning – Cow is tied up neatly and placed on a special machine. Specialist secures the hoof, and washes them. Then a professional cleans the hoof using grinders … Read More


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33 Cleaning Hacks That Are Borderline Genius l 5-MINUTE CRAFTS COMPILATION

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Pour Baking Soda on Your Bed, and See What Happens

Subscribe to Bright Side : For copyright matters please contact us at: —————————————————————————————- The modern market is full of various cleaning products that can harm your health. However, you can easily find a safe cleanser in your kitchen, which is capable of creating … Read More

Intelligent Technology Smart Farming Bulls Mutants Show Super Charolais Cow Shoeing Hoof Treatment

Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Experimental technologies, Bulls Mutants Exhibition, Super Charolais Show, Cow Shoeing, Hoof Treatment, Cleaning, Washing, farm, latest technology, cow washing, cow cleaning. Cow is tied up neatly and placed on a special machine. Specialist secures … Read More

Primitive Technology vs World Modern Agriculture Automatic Cow & Bull Washing Cleaning Mega Machine

Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Automatic cow cleaning machine, farm, automatic cow washing machine, latest technology. Robot, device for the distribution of animal feed, silage, hay, straw. Cleaning of dirt on the farm, disinfection, dispenser. Tractor, bulldozer, loader for … Read More

The PROPER Way To Clean Game Cartridges

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Doug washes dishes with a power scrubber | 12 Days of Doug #2

Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth in charge of the dishes in his household, which explains why he’s in such good physical shape at 30% body fat. Even so, he’s looking to clean smarter, not harder, and finds that the $16 Black … Read More

Doug buys a city-friendly pressure washer

Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth has a rocky relationship with birds vis-a-vis their daily deposits on his precious patio. Armed with $80 and hell-bent on keeping his patio sparkling, he leverages the Sun Joe SPX1000 pressure washer, a city-friendly unit meant … Read More