Capcom Will Not Let You Erase Your Game Data!

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Street Fighter 2 For The SNES Is Being Re-Released, And It Could Catch Fire…

So Capcom has partnered with iam8bit to re-release Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior for the SNES (Super Nintendo/Super Famicom). This is great news and I wish I got my hands on one, just make sure your 26 year old … Read More

Don’t Expect A Resident Evil Game On Nintendo Switch Anytime Soon

So Capcom has stated that they have no plans to develop for the Nintendo Switch. Is this a worrying trend, or will developers begin to support the Switch in the future? Buy The 500 GB Xbox One S Here (Affiliate … Read More

Turtle Rock Studios “EVOLVED” Into The Biggest Frauds In The Gaming Industry

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Capcom Is Almost Dead (They’re Broke)

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Please Quit The Internet If Microsoft’s Dead Rising 4 Email Offended You

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