Bitcoin mining collectively consumes more electricity than 159 countries

Bitcoin’s price is skyrocketing as it crossed $8000 mark, however, one of the most interesting facts, which has been ignored is the consumption of electricity while mining Bitcoins. Bitcoin’s current estimated annual electricity consumption is around 29.05TWh, which makes 0.13% … Read More

Russia will never legalize Bitcoin, says Minister

Recently, a strong backlash came from Russian president claiming that cryptocurrencies bear serious risks and are backing terrorism. As for now, another Russian minister has endorsed that the country will not consider the legalization of digital currencies like bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies … Read More

Bitcoin smashes $8000 barrier

Bitcoin hits a new all-time record high of $8041, after seeing a drop off on November 12 where its price reached $5500. This boost in price is being observed from Sunday and has been maintained till now, as you can … Read More

Bitcoin Investors say that they won’t sell it until it reaches $200,000

As you know that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and its price is rising day by day. Just today, its price has hit $8,000 for the first time in history. A lot of people are now investing in Bitcoin … Read More

Bitcoin blew past $8000 but dropped back to $7900

Bitcoin’s price is skyrocketing. Just a couple of weeks ago it crossed $7000 mark, and yesterday on 16th of November, the most dominating cryptocurrency has passed $8000 mark. It is now trading at a price of $7907 to be precise, … Read More

Mastercard filed a patent for instant blockchain payments solution

The trend of developing own blockchain system penetrated in bitcoin companies back in 2014. Now the credit card giant, Mastercard has filed a patent for blockchain considering it a possible mean for easing payment settlements. The patent will describe method … Read More

One Bitcoin transaction now uses more energy than a home needs in a week

Bitcoin is a buzzword nowadays. It does not need any introduction now as almost everyone is talking about it. It was around $2200 back in July when I first started noticing its hike and it is on the rise since … Read More

Bitcoin could hit $10,000 by end of this year

Bitcoin was around $2200 back in July when I first started noticing its hike and it is on the rise since then. Although some bans in different countries, especially China, affected its growth for a temporary period but it started … Read More

Bitcoin might see a price jump to $8000, Goldman Sachs Analysts

The analysts at Goldman Sachs are predicting that the new price of Bitcoin could be as high as $8,000 dollars. The prediction was noted in a report shared with their clients earlier. According to media outlet Bloomberg, the report came … Read More

People are using Bitcoin mining to heat up homes in Siberia

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Now, entrepreneurs have turned their mining rigs into systems that heat up their homes too. Two entrepreneurs namely Ilya Frolov and Dmitry Tolmachyov have found out how they can use their … Read More